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Planning art for kids can often become an unnecessary added expense to the budget, we are going to show you how to turn everyday items found in the home into wonderful art! Cardboard rolls, odd socks, collections of paddle pop sticks and paper plates will be transformed from trash to treasure!

Our incredible resident illustrator, Laura Moraiti demonstrates how to draw a cute whale using our Gouache Stix, and our acrylic fine tips and watercolour brush pens for the details.
Life of Colour invites you to the age-old wholesome activity of origami! The first steps will be creating your own origami paper, and then we will move onto learning how to fold the custom-made paper into a variety of different origami formations. We will start off with basic ideas, then once your skills are developed in the art of folding you might like to try a more complex design.
We want to celebrate the wonderful mums and women of the Life of Colour community with easy Mother's Day Craft ideas kids of all ages can create to make mom feel loved and appreciated in her day!
It’s that time of year again! It’s time to get busy making Easter hats for the ever popular Easter hat parade, time to make Easter gift baskets, time to get ready for the bunny to arrive, time to eat chocolate…lots of chocolate, hooray!!!
Did you know that the Life of Colour Pens are so useful in your scrapbooking? The watercolour brush pens, dual brush pens, paint pens and paint stix are perfect to have close by and especially useful when traveling or away on a retreat. 
These are the cutest Valentine's Day and Friendship Day crafts to make for February 14th. Create on any surface from cards, to rock painting, DIY glasses and more.
Creating your own Holiday ornaments is part of the fun, gather your family and try some of these fun and easy to make crafts for Xmas and Hanukkah. The best Holiday arts and crafts ideas to make your own DIY Christmas projects.
Dear families, we wanted to bring you some of the most creative crafts to keep kids of any age engaged in imaginative play. These ideas will be the perfect way to bring colour into these School Holidays, weekends, summer break and more - so make sure to keep it handy for when you need a fun activity!

Making handmade gift for Father's day is the best way to show Dad you love him! You can create matching sets for all the dads in the family, and spread love through colour and creativity!

Kids and teens of all ages can make these amazing crafts to celebrate Father's day.

Dreaming of a little magic unicorn to display on a wall somewhere in your house? Give this easy to follow chalkboard unicorn a go using the new Life of Colour Chalk Markers and light up the face of all of the unicorn lovers in your life!
Learn easy chalkboard and liquid chalk projects to revamp any surface of your home! Liquid chalk paint is easy to use and easy to wipe off. You don't have to be a lettering or calligraphy expert to pretty blackboard signs either. DIY lettering is a lot easier to tackle using the chisel and bullet reversible nib on your chalk markers to help you achieve uniform upstrokes and downstrokes on your letters.
Do you ever find yourself looking at Pinterest tutorials and feeling discouraged? At Life of Colour we want to make art and creativity something anybody can do! These ideas are fantastic for any beginner DIYer because they involve things you will definitely have at home and colourful art you can be inspired by.
With Life of Colour art supplies is very easy to have arts and crafts kits at home or for holiday travelling. You can take art kits with you on your suitcase, purse or car and encourage the kids to create anywhere!
Check out these Easter DIY Ideas including wood bunnies, Easter egg hunts, Easter tic-tac-toe, eggs & flowers and more! Kids and adults will love to make these cute and easy Easter crafts together and decorate your home for the holidays
Washi tape is a multi purpose type of masking tape you can use in your journals, artworks, cards and more. In this article we'll show you the best uses the creative community has found for this cute material! We can all agree a desk full of washi is a lot more colourful!
Mixed media paper is the best for beginners and advanced artists because it's easy to test new materials and develop a daily art practice. In this article we will cover the benefits of choosing mixed media paper for dry mediums, like crayons, pastels and oil pastels, pencils and graphite, as well as for watercolour and other wet techniques...

What is so special about washi tape? Everyone can find their favourite design, and use it across different mediums and applications. From the more traditional Japanese washi tape designs, to cute and adorable characters, botanical washi, vintage washi, floral designs, food and more! 

Keep reading to solve your most asked questions about washi tape compared to masking tape and painters tape

Make these fun crafty projects to add colour to your garden, from gumboots planters, veggie patch tags and painted pots, you'll sure find a fun project to create!
Paint two cozy nordic winter scenes to decorate a Christmas vignette in your home. Get ready for the Holidays making DIY art using your pastel coloured paint pens