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Upcycling ideas for your home

There are just endless applications for the Life of Colour art supplies. We’ve broken away from the tradition of paints and paintbrushes to create modern art products that make creativity fun, accessible and easy for everyone.

At the centre of our community is the Life of Colour Art Group. Whatever art you are into - and whatever level you are - we have something for you on the group! The inspiration and creativity that is shared in our Life of Colour art group is often astonishing.

Our members constantly share art ideas that transform everyday items into masterpieces, and the icing on the cake is that these things can be found within the home.

DIY Mannequin art

Kimberley McDonald, winner of our latest Upcycling competition, upcycled a discarded mannequin that had been painted black. Using the Life of Colour metallic brush pens along with her impressive penmanship skills to write self-care words and messages for women!

DIY plant holders

Whether it be a terracotta plant holder, cheese pot that's not in use, a plastic watering jug or a ceramic pot, they all can be upcycled into functional art for your home using Life of Colour acrylic brush pens or markers

Nicole Stark showed us a terracotta pot that was primed white. The addition of simple abstract designs in bright colours and black doodles using 3 mm paint pens make it pop. Use them as mini cacti gardens, pen holders or plant displays.

Anne Green shared the idea to turn a dish into a pot to hold her painted stones cacti, and it turned out to be a cute display.

Kylie Sherwood turned a plain ceramic pot into a colourful Mediterranean themed pen holder. You could easily achieve the same results using a set of Life of Colour 1mm fine tips too!

Leisha painted a plastic watering jug and commented, “My brush tip bundle arrived yesterday, and now I just want to draw on everything! These markers are so lovely to draw with. Art is very foreign to me, but after purchasing our last bundle, I've really enjoyed trying…” Such inspirational words shared shows us that art comes easy with Life of Colour.


Art on music sheets

Kym Freiberg showed how you can transform a sheet of music into a magical piece worthy of getting framed. Combine the creamy Life of Colour Gouache Stix with our new Juicy gel pens to create this amazing mixed media look.

Art journaling

Hold onto all of those old diaries and create them into a place to keep your experiment scrapbook pieces, just like Tammy Klingner. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in colour and draw, doodle, play with your Life of colour brush pens!


Turn a brick into a book

Ever thought of painting everything that you can get your hands on, including a house brick? Well, it’s completely possible with the Life of Colour. Simply give the brick an undercoat, then let your imagination take over. Any of the acrylic paint pens will suit your brick painting needs. Painted brick by Sammy Ann Sloth.

Paint on nature elements

Chris Cormick had the ingenious idea of painting a date palm frond with an octopus. This great display of colour could be replicated with a set of Life of Colour Special Colours!

Art on everyday items

Katherine Grixti continued the wood upcycling trend using her daughter’s hairbrush, a light sand to scuff the varnish and the Life of Colour Brights and Classic colours gave the brush a new lease of life!

How about turning a timeless rocking horse into a Britto type masterpiece! Back in April Kylie Hillier brightened up a very old rocking horse. “…Using the pens made it so much easier on an awkward shaped piece. Rocking it!!” It certainly is rocking thanks for sharing Kylie!

Ingrid Skerten was kind enough to walk us through her process of painting an old concrete statue, first painted white then 3mm Life of Colour Classic coloursadded the Scottish feel to this quacker of art! For all outdoor art give a spray of clear acrylic to further the life of your creations.

Janette Wells shared how versatile the brush tips are with a post of two placemats. It was a stand out piece from May and the display of colour she used was very impressive!

Lizzie A. Borden added gold paint pen highlights and commented “…I enjoy all sorts of craft work & decoupage is no different except this time I had a gold paint pen to do the flower outlines & band at top of bottle. No way I could have done it so quickly & easily with a brush & paint.” 

Art on book pages

Sammy Ann Sloth shared an innovative paper poster entry with us displaying that “instead of throwing away old books” she uses the pages to draw images upon and brightens her walls.

A clever way to make use of something that may have otherwise been thrown away. Life of Colour watercolour brush pens or the dual pens would be the perfect companion to create your own mini poster art from old book pages.

Totes and bags

We could all do with a handbag with a pop art image if it looks as good as what Nicki Malynn achieved! A set of Life of Colour Special Colours in 3mm would recreate an image just like this easily!

Margie Atkinson used a set of Life of Colour fabric pens to transform a pair of calico bags with step by step pictures. We followed the journey until the final results of hen perfection! Eggcellent work Margie!

DIY painted shoes

Coming in at second place was Jasmine Leigh Goggin, who painted her shoes in a fantastic pink flamingo theme. We recommend using Life of Colour fabric pens or any Life of Colour acrylic paint pens to achieve the same look!

Here are some other upcycled shoes using the Life of Colour products.

Kylie Hillier is no stranger when it comes to sharing her art with us, and she painted the most gorgeous baby booties using the Life of Colour acrylic paint pens. 

Her comment along with the post was “Painted some little shoes for my future granddaughter. Paint pens always make it easier on awkward shapes.” The fine tips allow you to add tiny details to make all the difference!

The amazing hobby artist Samantha Dorahy, painted a bee theme on these shoes, and she says “…I painted my shoes with a simple bee addition and pattern to match my socks. So quick and easy with the pens” The Life of Colour paint pens are awesome to paint on dark surfaces such as these shoes, and the pattern of a hive can easily be replicated using the Life of Colour stencil set.

Past, present and future art shared by our Life of Colour artists will continue to impress and inspire us all everyday keep up the great work everyone!

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