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Cute Valentine's Day and Friendship Day craft ideas for all ages

Try out these easy Valentine's Day and Friendship Day ideas! Our wonderful collaborators and artsy friends from the community have put together this fabulous collection of DIY crafts, card making and rock painting ideas you can do for Valentine's and Friendship day,

DIY Valentine's Day wrapping paper

It's very easy to make your own wrapping paper to wrap your gifts with craft paper, old newspapers, etc. You can use our brush tip paint pens to doodle a rainbow heart, cute flowers or any other design based in concentric lines. You can stick to a specific colour palette, or use all the colours on the rainbow!

Video by Clare @curious_columbus

Paint a heart pattern on a glass

Add your own romantic twist to a pair of champagne glasses and celebrate with colour! It's very simple to create tiny hearts using the brush nib on our acrylic paint pens - all you have to do is angle the pen to the left and then to the right to create a heart.

Bake the glasses on your home oven following the directions on the pens' box to make it permanent.

Video by Jessy Dalglish

Heart ladybug rock

This adorable ladybug rock is the only thing you'll need to make someone's day. Use your brush tip paint pens to paint on any rock in a smooth, clean, and effortless way. The pens fill in the little rock crevices beautifully too, and for larger sections like the white here aren't streaky.

Rock by Daphne Birett


DIY Valentine's Day scratch cards

These fabulous scratch cards are so easy to make and provide great conversation starters to sit down with your kids and talk about why they appreciate / like / love someone. All you need is a laminator and you can personalise each messages - plus the neat bit is that your message is only revealed when scratched off with a coin!

Video and tutorial by Clare @curious_columbus


Cut out your card shapes. Write a generic message at the top of each one: eg. Loving you is easy ‘cos…. Then write personalised messages onto a heart shape that will fit comfortably onto your card. Pop your heart messages through a laminator. Cover with pink/red poster paint and allow to dry thoroughly. Cut out each heart and glue to your card base. The receiver just needs a coin to scratch off the thin layer of paint to reveal the sweet message beneath!

Colourful rainbow air dry clay heart

This colourful craft is perfect to make with the little ones. Each person can mold their own air dry clay heart and then paint it to their own taste (wait for it to dry completely before painting them). use our brush tip paint pens collection, these pens create lines & delicate details with precision! They also paint on any crafty surface, rocks, fabrics, glass, paper, canvas and wood! So much fun packed into such a cool pen & also great for kids as they are water based, non-toxic and odourless.

Tic-tac-toe ladybug rock

Ladybugs are associated with goodness, positivity, and good luck. Paint a red base on a round rock and then create a fun tic-tac-toe design using black and silver paint pens, instead of the spots of the ladybug. Paint a black semi-circle and add two big eyes to make it extra cute!

Rock by Daphne Birett

Black paper floral card

Nothing says "I'm thinking of you" better than a handmade card or note. Grab some black cardstock and create a wonderful piece of shimmery art for your loved ones - you can create one for each of your friends or family members too and celebrate friendship!

You can use our fine tip metallics paint pens, or try the new brush tip metallics if you are looking for metallic lettering brush pens.

Art by Mary Anne Ramirez

"Olive you" painted stone

Try out this adorable and easy "Olive you" rock to give out to your partner on Valentine's Day or your BFF if you celebrate Friendship Day instead (like we do!).

All you'll need is green, red, black and white paint pens, which you get already with the Classics.

Rock idea by Daphne Birett

"Olive you" valentines puns rock painting ideas

"Olive you" valentines puns rock painting ideas

"Olive you" valentines puns rock painting ideas

"Bee my friend" wood slice magnet set

Send your friends some love with a cute magnet set to spruce up their fridge. Who doesn't love a cute bee and flower combo?

The lovely Special Colours were used for this pastel palette and Black and White fine tips for the outlines and details.

Craft idea by Lau Moraiti

Bee my friend magnet wood slice idea

"You matter" rainbow rock

A heartfelt rainbow rock to send to someone in need of kindness. Rock painting is perfect to bring a bit of sunshine into your friends and loved ones lives.

Use the Life of Colour Brights to replicate this fantastic design, you'll also need Black and White medium tips for the outlines and details.

Rock idea by Daphne Birett

Cute mini Hearts on a Rock

These cute mini hearts on rocks would make a fun rock hunting activity on Valentine's or Friendship day.

You will get amazing results using all the colours in the rainbow from the Brights (you'll need to get a 6-pack of Black and White too).

Rock idea by @_littlemarysbigadventures_

"One in a melon" easy painted rock

You can't say no to a watermelon pun, this fantastic rock will make someone smile on Valentine's or Friendship day - whichever you celebrate!

All you'll need is green, red, black and white paint pens, which you can get in the Classics or the Brights (you'll need to get a 6-pack of Black and White too).

Rock idea by Daphne Birett

"One in a melon" Valentine's day pun rock

"Don't stop shining" rainbow diamond watercolour card

Send your friends a bright reminder of their awesomeness with a handmade card. Everybody loves a handmade card that can be framed and turned into a piece of art.

For creating this diamond you'll need mixed media paper, washi tape, watercolour brush pens and a water brush / regular brush - all of which you can get in the handy Card Making Bundle.

Craft idea by Lau Moraiti

Rainbow diamond watercolour card using washi tape

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