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10 fun DIY Easter crafts for you and the family

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to get busy making Easter hats for the ever popular Easter hat parade, time to make Easter gift baskets, time to get ready for the bunny to arrive, time to eat chocolate…lots of chocolate, hooray!!!

At Life of Colour we want to share some fun and cute craft activities you can make on your own, with friends and the children in your family - from wood slices to rocks and paper cardstock creations there’s something to suit everyone. Make this year's Easter, a fun and affordable family activity event to remember.

1- Bunny rocks!

Of course the bunny rocks! Are you thinking about hiding Easter rocks this year instead of eggs? I think this is an amazing idea!! Chocolate eggs are gone in a flash whereas a painted rock or wood slice can be a keepsake to treasure forever!

Hiding bunny basket painted rock

  1. Sketch your bunny, basket and eggs onto a primed rock
  2. Paint the background, bunny, basket and eggs with your Life of Colour paint pens
  3. Add a border of vines and flowers
  4. Trace around the edges of everything to give it definition and add some white “shadows”
  5. Hide the bunny rock!!! (Don’t eat it haha!)

2 - Easter Egg Cups

They are gold on the inside, a cute button nose, with lovable floppy ears - you guessed it they are Easter Bunny Egg Cups!

All you need to do is paint some eggs cups white. The outside will remain white, and inside you'll use your gold paint pen to add a dash of shimmer. Paint a cute bunny face on the front of the cup, using your fine point paint pens.

Create a pair of ears using white card stock. Glue them on the back of the egg cup. You can match the ears to the nose to make it more fun!

Don't forget to add the bunny a tail, with a pom pom or cotton ball.

3 - Easter wood slice decor

There are so many things that you can do with wood slices for Easter this year. We are going to share a couple of design ideas and applications that require only a few supplies for you and your children so that you will have a great time using their imaginations to create bright and beautiful plaques, hanging decorations and even wood fridge magnets!

Wood slice vintage Easter bunny fridge magnet

  1. Design a simple filigree bunny image onto a wood slice/ wood plaque
  2. Use a white Life of Colour paint marker to bring the design to life
  3. Add small amounts of pink and silver onto parts of the image. Complete the background with a soft lime green to enhance the feeling of nature
  4. Finish it off with fun spots, circles and an outline to make it all pop!
  5. When the paint dries turn it over and glue a strong magnet on the back


Easter Hanging wood slice

  1. Prime your wood slice white
  2. Sketch an image of a bunny in the garden 
  3. Bring it to life with Life of Colour paint supplies
  4. Hang it somewhere fun!

4 - Neutral Crown of Eggs

The Easter hat parade is fast approaching and it can often pose the problem of what to create each year, so we have a new idea for you and the children to make together.

This crown of Easter eggs involves the look of nature but celebrates the Easter egg theme perfectly, it is also easily accessorised for any look you wish to achieve with the choice to add chicks, rabbit ears and even colourfully decorated eggs if you like!

  1. Make a long white raffia plait
  2. Shape the plait into a circular crown shape and tie the end secure
  3. Weave decorated eggs into the crown
  4. Wear it with pride for your parade


5 - DIY Easter Bunny Cards

Check out these DIY Easter cards!! The simple but effective card is the perfect way to remind your loved ones that you're thinking of them this Easter season. The best part about these cards is that they are kid-friendly, so they'll make for a fun afternoon activity as well. 

  1. Use your brush tip paints pens in colour combinations to create a striped pattern 
  2. Cut out a bunny with a floppy ear
  3. Glue the bunny onto the front of a card
  4. Add a Pom Pom or cotton wool tail
  5. Your card is ready for gifting- it’s that easy!!!

Easter Bunny Card


6 - Easter gift tags

These DIY gift tags will give your gift the finishing touch that shows you care. From cute bunnies to brightly coloured eggs - the themes to choose from for Easter gift tags are endless! 

It’s amazing how a simple addition of a gift tags can make all the difference to the cheerful appearance of your Easter presents.

7- DIY Pretty Bunny decor upcycle

Who doesn’t love a cute bunny?!? You can paint all kinds of things this Easter and turn them into great gifts.

I had a blank photo frame that I decided to jazz up with some simple lined patterns using the brush tip paint pens, and finished it off with a few pink Easter eggs and of course I had to add a cute bunny. 


8 - Bouquet of eggs

Whilst we are on the theme of eggs for Easter let’s explore a little further and create an accessory that could be carried for the Easter hat parade and could also double as a table decoration.

All you need to do is paint some eggs with your Life of Colour paint markers, then glue them onto stiff wire with some greenery to add to the effect. Arrange your eggs into a bouquet with ribbon and bows everywhere... Then it’s ready to display

9 - Easter themed drink coasters

Revamp plain (or old coasters) with a coat of primer and our always trusty multi-surface paint pens. Choose Easter-themed colours, like pastels, to tie it all together. Find cute Easter motifs, like the bunny, eggs and ribbons to make a set that looks fun when displayed together.

Protect your coasters with waterproof sealant, and take them for a spin every Easter for years to come!



Side craft- here’s a closer look at some photograph card tags that you could create and use to make memories stand out from the rest! 

10 - Rainbow Easter stationery 

There’s no need to go out and buy stationery for your Easter celebrations when you can easily make it yourself! This fun activity will save on money and add the perfect personalised touch to all your Easter invitations, bunny letters and envelopes to house your beautiful Easter gift cards. 

  1. Step one - sketch out a design freehand or with a stencil
  2. Step two - fill it in with RAINBOW colours with your Life of Colour paint pens!!


🌈🌈The Life of Colour team would like to wish you all a Happy Easter! May this day be as special and beautiful as you all are.

Here's hoping you have a fun, sunny, memorable Easter filled with love, laughter, light and above all colour🌈🌈💕


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2 Responses

Sharon Barbour

Sharon Barbour

August 19, 2022

After using the Brush Pens to make the Hearts pattern on the Glasses, what is best to seal them with? Also can they go in the Dishwasher when sealed ?

Sharon Barbour

Sharon Barbour

June 21, 2022

After using the Brush Pens to make the Hearts pattern on the Glasses, what is best to seal them with? Also can they go in the Dishwasher when sealed ?

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