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Paint Pens

Acrylic paint pens are water-based art pens filled with acrylic paint, for use on any surface: fabric, textile, canvas, metal, pottery, treated wood, plastic, stone, terra-cotta, polymer clay, rock & more. Resistant to water, fading, and abrasion.

We have a growing collection of paint pens, including our Classics, Special Colours, Brights, Fluro, Earth Colours, Black and White, Glitters and Metallics! Browse the entire paint pen catalogue here.

We know it's really hard to choose, so we have come up with DISCOUNTED BUNDLES that help you save money and also make the choice easier, you can get started with the double bundle or work your way from the top with the Full Monty (8 boxes).

Rock Painting in Australia and New Zealand

Life of Colour's range of acrylic paint pens includes over 85 different colours divided into easy to combine collections. Afterpay is available in all of our products and savings bundles so you can Afterpay your art supplies.

Paint pens with FREE shipping in Australia wide for purchases over $60 dollars - and affordable shipping to New Zealand.

What's the difference between a paint pen and an acrylic marker?

The difference is how you prefer to call them, they are the same thing. We call them paint pens because it rolls off the tongue a lot easier!

What's the difference between a paint pen and a acrylic paint?

Our paint pens are highly pigmented water-based art pens filled with acrylic paint, for use on any surface. They are a lot more portable than acrylic paint, making it the perfect kit for outdoors painting: Take them on holiday and get creative!

Where do I get rocks for rock painting?

The best types of rocks to use are smooth flat rocks. You can always go outside to look for them, on riverbeds, parks, beaches, forests, and so on, but if you have limited natural rocks in your area you can go to your local hardware store like Bunnings or landscape suppliers to buy them.

You can buy a whole bag for pretty cheap so you will have plenty to practice with and improve your skills. Make sure you do not buy polished rocks as the paint will not stick very well, if you do buy polished, a bit of light sanding and priming will help.

Do you need special paint for rock painting?

If you even wondered "what paint to use on rocks?" look no further, acrylic paint pens are the best of both worlds when it comes to rock painting, improving the colour palette, mixing options, opacity and durability compared to Sharpies for rock painting and dollar store acrylic paint pens while keeping the fantastic silky matte texture from acrylic paints.

How to prime your rocks for rock painting

We get these questions all the time, “Why is priming rocks necessary?”, “Should I be priming my rocks?” and our answer is in short: YES. But we want to give you all the information so you can pick the right primer for your rock painting project.

Priming your rocks before you start painting is important for two reasons: the surface will be smoother and less porous, but still porous enough to absorb paint permanently (as opposed to a polished rock, ceramic or glass for example).

Life of Colour acrylic paint pen range:

Classics: featuring the full range of primary and secondary colors, as well as black, white, gold and silver in broad/thick 3mm felt nibs and extra fine 1mm nibs for small details, linework and lettering on rocks, wood, ceramic, paper, and more. You can get both boxes with a discount by getting the Double Bundle.

Metallics (1mm) and Glitter (3mm): the perfect shimmer addition to make your rocks sparkle. 12 colours each. Complete your acrylic paint marker collection with both, using the Shimmer Fun Bundle discount.

Special Colours: beautiful pastel selection with some bright staples to complete the entire rainbow and two skin tones to make drawing people and animals easier. The broad/thick 3mm felt nibs are perfect for covering large areas on your rocks, wood, ceramic or paper, and the extra fine 1mm nibs will be necessary for adding small details, linework and letters. Get both 12-colour acrylic paint pen boxes for its best price when getting the Full Monty or Power Bundle.

Brights: 12 Bright colours including Blood Orange, Magenta, Fuchsia, Blush, Indigo, Lavender, Teal, Jade, Lime, Pineapple, Azure and Peach. The perfect set for painting tropical scenes and beautiful flowers.

Earth Colours: featuring all of nature's colours, 3 blues, 3 browns, 3 reds and 3 greens that will complete your array of acrylic markers. None of these colours appear in any of our other boxes and the 1.5mm fine felt tips are an amazing way to cover large surfaces and add details to your rock art, inspired aboriginal Australian art, nature and lanscape paintings, pet portraits, etc.

Fluros: Our revamped 6 colour Fluro Colour Pack includes the 6 essential Fluorescent or Neon Colours - Fluro Yellow, Fluro Pink, Fluro Green, Fluro Orange, Fluro Blue and Fluro Purple. 6 pack of 3mm neon paint pens.

Black and white: We have created the Black and White 6 pen boxes as the perfect companion for our colourful collection of pens. Each box includes 3 white and 3 black pens. You can get a box of 6x1mm, fine tip black and white paint pens for linework and details, or a box of 6x3mm, medium tip black and white acrylic markers.



Paint Pens for Rocks, Wood, Canvas, Ceramic and more – Helping Bring Out Aussie Creativity 

  • Our paint pens are highly pigmented water-based art pens filled with acrylic paint, for use on any surface

  • Multi-purpose. Enjoy creating art projects on virtually any surface: fabric, textile, canvas, metal, pottery, treated wood, plastic, stone, terra-cotta, polymer clay, rock & more. Resistant to water, fading, and abrasion

  • Child Friendly! They are non toxic, odourless and safe for all ages

  • Our paint pens are silk-matt, quick-drying and have an incredible opacity

  • Get outdoors and be adventurous. Take them on holiday and get creative. Perfect for rock painting (please see our Rock Painting guide here)

  • Playful art tools. Both kids and adults will have hours of fun making art on any surface. Add colour to anything with Life of Colour Paint Pens! 

One of the best ways to enjoy some imaginative, outdoorsy fun is through paint pens for rocks. Create gorgeous little masterpieces on pebbles and stones before taking them off to the park to be hidden.

The concept is simple: create your painted stone, hide it in the park and leave a social media message for other enthusiasts to go out and find. It has become one of the best trends for getting away from contemporary technological trappings and artists across Australia are giving our team feedback about how fun and engaging the activity is to take part in.

Check out our range and find the perfect collection for your painting/hiding adventures. We provide super fast delivery throughout the country so that you, your friends and family can immediately begin enjoying this awesome new pastime.

This is just one of the awesome ways that Aussies are ditching the tech to share in more wholesome, engaging activities. We are constantly receiving positive feedback from artists who think rock painting has been one of the greatest activities to get them and their loved ones away from the gadgets and closer together.

We proudly create an art supply range that is perfect for doing just that: bringing people together in fun, imaginative and inspiring ways. All you have to do is browse our collection of watercolour brushes, pens, stencils and more to find out how our range can inspire fun and creative activities for all to enjoy.



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Let's make your gift shine!

Add one of our premium keepsake art boxes to your order. We will package it nicely with tissue paper and love!

  • Safely store your art and supplies
  • Take your art supplies on the go
  • Made of sturdy materials, with a magnetic closing

Large Art Box (Box Only)


- Perfect for teens and adults

- Fits up to A4-sized paper

- 32cm by 23.5cm, 10cm deep

Small Art Box (Box Only)


- Amazing for children

- Fits up to A5-sized paper

- 26cm by 22.6cm, 8cm deep