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Shiny art with the Chrome Mirror Effect paint pens

Introducing a brand new innovative product - the Life of Colour Chrome Mirror Effect paint pens!

Use these pens to create a shiny, glossy, chrome mirror finish that will make your art stand out like never before!

Our limited edition Chrome Mirror Effect paint pens come in packs of three stunning colours: silver, gold and copper.

The amazing pigment and formula on this paint pens make them different to any of our previous metallic pens. The paint flows like liquid chrome when applied, and dries glossy and reflective like a mirror.

The most successful application is upon dark shiny smooth surfaces such as metal, plastic, terracotta, porcelain, smooth stones, ceramic, rubber, glass, vinyl, sealed wood and painted gloss surfaces.

Let's create some shiny DIY and rock painting ideas:

Chrome Mirror Effect Painted Stones

The Chrome Mirror Effect paint pens make it easy to make simple designs into pieces of art. Dots, wavy lines and patterns turn into magnificent fine art.

There’s no need for brushes or messy spray paint, just whip out your pens, and you are ready, set and go!

Stunning chrome Koi fish pond

With just one chrome colour you can create a show-stopping rock. Paint the background with teal (wait until dry), and then use the chrome mirror effect silver pen to draw koi fish, and circles around them.

Once the liquid chrome paint dries, you will have a smooth, mirror-like finish. Add all the details to the koi fish with a black fine tip paint pen.

Geometric chrome rock painting

Try painting Geometric triangular shapes in the three different Chrome tones - gold, silver and copper to achieve a funky patterned stone!

Start the pattern one triangle at a time, and then use a black paint pen to encase the mirror gloss colours!

The glossy effect shimmers even more in the sun outdoors and under lights.

Abstract Patterned Stones

Effective abstract art is always visually striking, add the use of the Life of Colour Chrome paint pens, and you will create images that truly shine and stand out above the rest!

The contrast of the Chrome silver and copper wave, set against the black, makes for an extremely impressive looking stone.

Reach for the stars

The first step for this stone was to paint a star with many points to cover the stone.

The edges were then painted with copper and all shapes surrounded in black to make a defined line between the gloss. The mirror sheen captured the beautiful blue sky (and me too!)

Wiggly Line patterns with chrome effect

Paint alternate colours onto a stone and add fine lined features and patterns for a distinct piece.

Wait for the chrome paint to completely dry before painting with a fine tip and repeat patterns for a more connected appearance.

Chrome art on black paper

Use these highly-pigmented chrome finish paint pens to draw unique art on black paper. This hamsa hand was painted by Jessy Dalglish.

Create shiny details on birthday invitations, get well soon cards and more card stock ideas! This is a simple honeycomb pattern you can achieve by using all three colours in the pack.

DIY mirror effect helmet

The smooth, slick, black exterior finish of a skateboard or bike helmet allows for amazing chrome mirror finish results.

A shark outline with a splash of waves and bubbles placed on the side of an otherwise plain helmet looks fantastic!

Chrome Mirror Effect on Everyday art

There are many applications that you could choose to add a chrome effect to with these wonderful paint pens, a small touch of shine could make all the difference.

Take a simple image and paint it with the Life of Colour Chrome paint pens, once dry add the finer details. Extra random spots of silver chrome add another layer of depth.

  • Revamping sculpture art
  • Chrome highlights on toys
  • Refinish Metal decor
  • Wood turned gold

Chrome art on Vinyl Records

Sometimes we find treasures at the op (thrift) shop that are too good to pass, like old records! Picked up for a dollar and painted with the assorted floral or mountain range design, it could now be used as a memento wall hanging.

The chrome paint pens glide easily across the vinyl surface and adhere without the need for a sealer!

The black vinyl background assists to create a striking image when the chrome paint pen lines dance across the surface. Simple, bold images work just as well as the intricate, fine designs that you can come up with.

The 3mm Chrome paint pens are unlike any other Life of Colour products, try this limited edition and enjoy the shiny, glossy effect!

This mini 3-pack comes with extra shiny, super-chrome, mirror-like gold, silver and copper pens, in our popular 3 mm tip

The specialised chrome ink will create a mirror-like effect to your art projects

The ink is glossy and opaque and works best on dark or shiny surfaces

They work on multi-surfaces including stone, porcelain, canvas, plastic, vinyl, glass, cardboard, sealed wood, paper, terracotta, rubber and metal

The high-chrome mirror finish is most effective on smooth, non-porous surfaces

Seal with varnish for a more long-lasting effect, and to add an extra shine to your projects

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