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Easy Mess-Free Halloween crafts to make with kids

Sit for a spell and enjoy a cup of fun this Halloween with the Life of Colour teams help!
Whether you are throwing a Halloween party, decorating your home in a spooky theme or headed out on a trick or treat adventure, we have some clever ideas for you to try out using your Life of Colour paint pens and products.

Goofy Zombie rocks

In just a few quick steps, you can create this Zombie rock to gift to someone this Halloween. You could try out different colour combinations from the Essential Brush Pen set and different facial expressions to make your rock a stand-out design.

Shop the All About Rock Painting bundle to get all the supplies needed for this adorable zombie.

Step one: Roughly prime a Life of Colour stone with white - the texture will add to the zombie look.
Step two: Paint the entire stone with the bright lime green brush pen and give the edges a touch of forest green to give the zombie's face shape.
Step three: Colour a small section of the top of the stone pink-a shade of pink will help make the exposed brain stand out.
Step four: Add a goofy zombie face with blue, white and black. Completing a few stitches and even a pimple or two creates a fun look too!

Toilet paper roll bat

Using the Silky Stix on recycled toilet paper rolls you can create these adorable bats, idea by Curious Columbus.

Mess free and all age appropriate.

Add a cute pasta bow and googly eyes for extra cuteness factor!

Mini Skeleton Portraits

This skeleton portrait is based on a character from the popular children’s movie: Coco. When I found my mini canvas, the idea came to me and the construction of the skeleton portrait flowed from the fine tip paint pen to the surface in a flash. The black and red 1 mm fine tip detailing stands out against the white backdrop, giving off a newspaper comic type of look.

Step one: Paint the entire canvas white and rub the slightest amount of black onto your finger and onto the canvas.
Step two: Complete a black lined frame and paint black around the whole outer edge of the canvas.
Step three: Add a skeleton face and torso adding frills, a necklace and earrings. All lines are outlined to avoid using thick lines. Make some red highlights on the lips, earrings and necklace.

Slimy Eyeball wood slices

Try out this simple slimy eyeball design on a wood slice with your set of Brights and Classic paint pens. The green from the Life of Colour Brights box is the perfect shade of slime for Halloween!

Step one: Prime your wood slice white and sketch an eyeball onto the centre.
Step two: Use a yellow and orange Classic paint marker to colour in the iris, leaving a circle and rectangle shape blank.
Step three: Take a black paint pen and go around the edges of everything and fill the pupil in with black (1mm is best for the finer details)
Step four: Now add spooky red spider veins using a fine tip paint pen
Step five: Cover the surrounding area around the eyeball with green dripping slime.

Halloween rock collection

Grow your Halloween rock collection with this amazing ideas from the community.


Choose a theme and make a few colourful characters that can be used in multiple ways to make various celebration cards, table seating labels or gift cards. We loved the green Frankenstein painted with a bright green silky stix and finished everything off with the Dual Brush Pen lines.

Step one: Slide a green silky stix across the page to form a square leaving the eyes white.
Step two: Use a black dual pen to complete the Frankenstein face and cut loosely around the edge. Step three: Take a blank card and scribe patterned lines in contrasting colours- we used a blue, purple and light blue with a black zigzag line for fun.
Step four: Paste the Frankenstein face onto the card to turn it into a Franken-card.

We even have a message for you to put on the inside-
“How does Frankenstein like to eat potatoes?
Monster mash”

Spooky skull candy jars

Put the spook into your spooky Halloween decor with these character jars! Leave the jars empty, fill with fairy lights, cotton balls, sweets or eyeball gobstoppers for a table decoration. We used the glitter Juicy gel pens on paper to complete the finest of sparkly details for the skull candy characters.

Step one: Take a 1mm black paint pen and draw a mushroom shape for the skull with two circles for eyes and an upside down love heart for a nose.
Step two: Place a line across the bottom section with lines coming off to make teeth gaps
Step three: To make the floral patterns and outlines all over the skull use black and red glitter Juicy Gel pens.
Step four: Cut around the skull and tape it onto a clean jar with the lid covered in muslin cloth attached with a rubber band.

Taping a colourful paper character onto a jar means that you can use Juicy gel pens, Silky stix or any of the Life of Colour paint pen products!



Ghoul Paper cups

Grab yourself a few paper cups with a Life of Colour black paint pen to scribe messages, paint ghosts and ghouls onto the cups to use this Halloween. This crafty activity is fun for all ages and you could even attach a ball and string to turn the cup into a toss and catch game.

Step one: Sketch a few different ghost designs onto cups- an open mouth sheet ghost, ghost eyes hiding behind mummy bandages and a two handed waving ghost.
Step two: Follow the sketched lines with a 1mm black paint marker and watch the details pop!

Candy Corn Pumpkin plates

All you need is paper stock along with your dual pens in orange, yellow and blending pen to turn a few ordinary pumpkins into colourful cotton candy. The blending pen mixes the yellow and orange together perfectly to gain a seamless shade in between the colours.

Step one: Draw a pumpkin onto the centre of a paper plate and use a yellow dual pen to shade the top of the pumpkin
Step two: Add orange across the centre.
Step three: Use the blending pen to mix the orange into the yellow and the bottom of the pumpkin.
Step four: The fine tip on the black dual pen wraps around the edges everything to finish it off.
Step five: Using the same three colours for simple patterns around the edges of the plate will complete the Candy Corn Pumpkin Plates.

Vamp-cake Poster

Don’t be fooled by the cute and innocent appearance of this one- he’s a hungry vamp-cake!
Once what was a sweet innocent cupcake quickly transformed when we used a fine tip black paint pen and added two wings with a set of sharp fangs. The colourful and uniform polka dot background was arranged with the easy to use Dot pens.

Step one: Use the creamy Gouache Stix to paint a cupcake and add a cute fanged face and wings.
Step two: Dot the background with fun polka dots everywhere -hold the dot pen steadily and dab straight up and down for a uniform circle shape everytime.
Step three: Take a black paint marker to complete the outline of the cupcake and a few flying bat silhouettes then this Halloween poster is ready to display!

We hope that your night is filled with fun, laughter, sweets and trick or treaters and that you all have an absolutely fang-tastic Halloween this year!
From the Life of Colour team.

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