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Rock Painting

For the first time in two years, people can commemorate the service and sacrifice of those who have served during the Anzac Day celebrations. We bring you some ideas to create rock painting and craft ideas to talk about this special day with your families.
How to prime your rocks for rock painting. Learn to prepare rocks for our stone painting art. We show you what you need to smooth, prime and seal rocks to make amazing art on stones you find in nature or get on landscape shops.
What are the rock painter's best kept secrets to a shiny rock? The rock painting community is warm and welcoming, so we have no issue sharing the amazing tips we have gathered from more seasoned artists. In this article we will cover the basics to a shiny (or matte, or satin) rock! Sealing isn't all just for looks - a good sealant will make your rock painting last for a long time and withstand the elements.
We get these questions all the time, “Why is priming rocks necessary?”, “Should I be priming my rocks?” and our answer is in short: YES. But we want to give you all the information so you can pick the right primer for your rock painting project.
Painted Rock Ideas to make your summer garden look... delicious! Looking for new ideas for rock painting? In this tutorial we show you how to make ice cream rocks step by step, and some refreshing fruit rock designs as well!
Get your farm animal game to the next level with these rock painting farm animals, made using Life of Colour paint pens and our amazing rock painting stencils.
Welcome to the wonderful world of rock painting, here are a load of easy tutorials to follow without the need of any previous experience or skill. Just grab your paint pens and enjoy making one of these ideas today
Have you purchased a set of Glitter paint pens yet? They are the prettiest shades that sparkle and glisten with glitter. You can even blend them with other paint pen shades to give you even more colours to explore!
Whether you're a seasoned artist or are just arriving to the artsy craftsy scene, you are in for a treat by entering the rock painting world. In this series we will share the 4 basic steps to become a rock painting master! It's as easy as finding the perfect rock, priming, painting and sealing. Boom! Art on rocks that will last a lifetime
Join us on a space odyssey as we set off for the moon! Gather 8 rocks of the same size and make a beautiful rock phases set using just two colours from your Classic Life of Colour paint pens set!
Learn to make a wonderful gift rock for your family and friends, a handmade way of saying I love you!

Those Autumn feels have come around quite late in the season this year, the cold wind lapping around your face and the crunching sound of fallen leaves underfoot as you take a brisk morning walk. 

In this tutorial we'll show you how to create beautiful Fairy Garden elements using rocks and Life of Colour paint pens
If you have a kid that's obsessed with dinosaurs and all things Jurassic World, then follow along this very fun tutorial to make the a Jurassic egg hunt at home with a fun prehistoric twist!
In the world of art there is just so much to learn and rock painting is no different. Artistic style and technique is a huge part of getting to know what you are capable of, Life Of Colour wants to help you to explore various ways that you can utilise our paint pens whilst rock painting.
Amazing Easter ideas by our beloved Life of Colour Art Group members!
Comic-con anyone? Whether you’re a Muggle, a Marshmallow, an Earper, a Jedi, a Whovian or someone who doesn’t understand a word we just said we have something of interest for you! 
With all of the awesome pieces of art being created in the world of kindness rocks there’s no reason why younger artists should be left out. Everyone loves finding a fantastic looking rock just the same as everyone loves creating a small piece of beauty to behold.
Why not create some games using painted rocks- the strategic tic tac toe is a perfect example. All you need to make a game is to find 10 small-sized rocks of similar size and your paint pens!
We want to get everyone in the family involved in rock painting using Life of Colour acrylic paint pens! Our products are the easiest choice when it comes to purchasing rock painting supplies- we provide high quality box sets of paint pens and now we would like to provide you with some inspiration no matter what level of skill that you have! 



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