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24 Days of Christmas Colour - Wood slice art

24 Days of Jolly Good Fun with Life of Colour!!

Christmas is looming just around the corner and before we know it we will be putting up the Christmas tree (if you can wait that long!) suspending the garlands and hanging the Christmas lights up for all to admire and see, but before then we want to get you prepared for some jolly good fun painting "Christmassy" wood slices together to hang on your tree.

We have some talented artists onboard that created a total of 24 painted wood slices to give you some inspiration for the perfect wholesome family activity. Spread the art out over a 24 day period or spend a couple of days together getting creative!!

Purchase a set of 24 Wood Slices from Life of Colour, along with a set of acrylic paint pens of your choice, paint the wood slices white and you are all set to get started to follow our fun Christmas story and picture tutorials!

Surf Life Saving Santa

Here comes Santa to the rescue!! Is he coming down the chimney? Oh HOHOHO- no he's in his togs at the beach.

Silly old Santa Claus has gone for a dip and a quick mug of beer instead of delivery our presents (sounds like my hubby to be honest, haha) "No Santa" we hear the children screech.  

Santa's Beach clothes line

Santa's beach antics continue and you can probably guess what has happened to Santa's soggy Christmas suit here?! Yep -he totally forgot to take the suit off before getting dumped by a treacherous wave.

Luckily for him the hot Australian sun will dry off the suit in next to no time and he will set off to deliver our presents, we hope the alternate would be ever so grave.

Elves on Holiday

The Elves have come looking for Santa and decided that they better make sure he gets on his way, everything is not going to plan this Christmas.

Mr Elf has fallen asleep in his beach chair waiting for Santa- lets all hope that he remembered his sunscreen, at least he has his hat for a little assistance!

 Santa's Caravan

Whilst the elf sleeps soundly in his beach chair, Santa sneaks past and off to his caravan for a little snooze too.

We think that all of the fun at the beach is exhausting work for Santa but we are still hopeful that he will soon be on his way out into the blue.



Summer Santa Ice-creams

We are still looking for Santa after finding his hat hanging on the ice-cream cart, a sneaking suspicion tells us that he has wondered off with a lovely cool treat.

Santa is that you over there? He's off hiding somewhere.

Hiding and slurping away, without sharing with us- how rude! Santa, we do understand this hot Aussie summer is just so hard to beat!

Sneaky Elve treats

More Elves have arrived at the beach and they have spotted Santa's hat on the ice-cream van, luckily they packed a few treats of their own!

And it is the most amazing treat, just look at them sharing an oversized Aussie meringue at the beach - this could be a cool new tradition for everyone to try-"ala-meringue North pole flown".


Santa's Submarine

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer has gotten himself in a bit of strife stuck in a rip so with a little bit of help from the Kangaroo Beach squad -if you look closely you can see Gemma the platypus riding in the sub.

They use the rescue Submarine to bring everyone back to safety - but Santa better not forget our presents - he's acting all crazy.

We hear the Elves chant, "Santa-there's no time for the pub!!"

Santa's Swimming Ring

After the debacle of rescuing Rudolph, Santa has decided he better put on his swimming ring but there is one problem with that, can you guess what has happened?? Yes that is right- he is stuck in the thing.

As it turns out , Santa can squeeze through a chimney but he's special Christmas powers are defenceless when it comes to the almighty swimming ring!


Scuba Santa

Is that Scuba Steve?? No folks that is scuba Santa, still stuck in the swimming ring, he decides to embark on a scuba adventure to explore the beautiful Barrier Reef.

Watch out for sharks Santa- we hope that you can swim fast because they look like they have a beef.


Santa's sleigh

Sitting alone and abandoned in the cold winter snow, Santa's sleigh sits fully loaded and ready to go. The pressing question here is "where on earth is Santa?"

Perhaps a trip to the beach was not the best idea at this time of year, understandably it may be more fun, so we cheer -we are waiting on you Santa, stop this silly banter. 


Sunbaking Pixie Elf

Surely at this stage everyone should be ready to get cracking and deliver at least a few presents however more of Santa's staff have arrived at the beach.

They are looking way to chill to be getting any work done. at this stage it might be a good idea for the Santa helpers at home to put a few presents under the tree for the children to reach!


It would seem like the story of Santa at the beach should almost be done.

However we know otherwise and can see, with a quick glance around that the fun in the sun continues with loads more to come!


Santa's Sandy Hat

Just how many times is Santa going to lose track of his hat- its becoming a task, almost a bore.

From a distance we spy, the magical hat sitting dazzling in the Aussie sun, exactly where he left it by the shore.

Beach Snowman

A Snowman at the beach just may well be a sight see, donning a pair of sunnies and a smile full of glee, resting on top of his head is that Santa's hat- well I'll be!

The cheeky snowman is as happy as can be and at least being made of sand he won't melt away today- "hee hee".



 Beach Snow globe

Santa's little helpers have been building toys at the beach then they had a bright spark of an idea that was hard to beat.

This lead to the Beach snow globe but instead of snow they added a bit of heat.


The elves take a dip

The Elves are now in their numbers flocking to the beach- what a sight to see, as they splash, dance, and prance about- their skin slowly turns into a bright shade of peach.

Where has our faithful Santa gone, when did he disappear? Well, we can't be certain, we just don't know but we are hopeful that he will be here somewhere still enjoying the beach.

Jolly Starfish

We have located Santa's hat again, but it isn't just as simple as that.

We are feeling a little concerned, just a tad- it's at the bottom of the ocean atop a star of a head. Mr starfish did you steal Santa's hat?

Perhaps he just lost it on his scuba dive, we wouldn't be surprised as today that seems to be his jive.


BBQ Santa

Get a load of this, we cannot believe our eyes. Poor old Santa's skin is struggling, on this harsh Aussie beach.

Yet still he is standing cooking up a feast, he looks like the Elves that went a funny shade of peach.

Santa don't forget about our presents please don't keep them so far out of reach!

 Balls Galore

Beach balls a plenty today, with the Elves busy at play.

The scene is becoming quite festive as we can see the balls are getting tossed to and fro, but where oh where did Santa go?

Do you know?

Sandy Soldier

What is Christmas without a few nutcrackers but make no mistake - we mean the Soldier decorations for pete's sake.

You aren't meant to bury the poor little soul, you hang them from the tree with a bit of control.


Clara from the Nutcracker

Somehow poor little Clara is now buried too, all sandy and feeling pretty blue.

We have our fingers crossed for the realms savour the Queen to hold off an attack, at this stage we may all run away and never look back.

Fun in the sand

Ah-ha look who we see, it's the culprit Elf caught in the act- be still little Elf as still as can be.

Fancy burying the toys you make all day, instead of having some wholesome play!

Present Tree

Quick look over there- it's no wonder that Santas's sack sits empty and bare.

The trickster elves are up to a mischief again, hiding all of the presents away.

What a strange bunch of helpers they are being on this day.

Santa in the night sky

Well folks this is where our story must come to an end, it's been a great adventure thanks for joining the ride. Thankfully everything is falling into place now, Santa is making it all right.

Santa is finally flying off into the night along with his entourage by his side!! He throws us a cheeky nod and bellows "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

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