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How to make a magical fairy rock garden with Life of Colour paint pens

In the mythical land of make believe our favourite supernatural creatures are fairies.

We all could do with a bit of magic in our lives to escape the chaos of everyday life and making your own fairy rock garden with your children using Life of Colour paint pens would be the perfect distraction.

This is the beautiful fairy garden elements we'll be creating today (and scroll all the way to the bottom for some extra friends!)


Image courtesy of Jenny from Smallhaven


We suggest finding an existing area in the garden, an unused plastic or metal pot, a pot plant with plants already growing in it, glass jars, plastic containers, an old wheelbarrow or something old (like a teacup) to upcycle and make new again. The idea is not to go out and purchase anything but to find something to utilise with a bit of inspiration and imagination. 

Image courtesy of Jenny from Smallhaven


Fairies and Fairy Doors.

Fairies are often depicted with butterfly wings which is a fitting theme at the moment with the extraordinary numbers of butterflies that have taken flight throughout Australia.

There have been a number of fairy door hunts over time that have taken place throughout the world.

 “The Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor” is a prime example of this fun trend. The small doors are installed into buildings and children are said to believe these are the front doors of real fairies and in some cases, small furniture, dishes, and various other things can be seen beyond the doors.

A bit closer to home is a small town called Bellingen which has a friendly community that has created a total of 19 fairy doors to be found around in various locations. 

There are some great ideas for us to utilise to create our Life of Colour painted rocks for our very own piece of wonder.

Making your own magical Fairy Garden with rocks

Choose a Life of Colour scheme that you can use throughout all of your rock creations, we decided upon pastel purple, pink,yellow, green and tan from the special colours range along with blue, red, white, gold and silver from the classic box for our colour scheme! 

The beauty of Life of Colour paint pens is that you don’t need to leave your home to order anything from our complete range, stay safe at home and utilise the Afterpay option to have them delivered directly to your door!

Ideas for items in the fairy gardens include:


Fairies and Elves. 


Don’t forget themes to be inclusive to all genders in this fun craft activity, we suggest including some elves, gnomes or wizards along with the fairies in your garden. 



Many fairies are depicted sitting on mushrooms- in particular red and white spotted with flat caps. You could get really tricky by finding two stones- (one for the stem and the other for the mushroom cap), and glue them together in the shape of a mushroom. For this method to work it’s all about finding the right shaped rocks and if you don’t have glue on hand then just build the base up with more rocks and balance the cap on top.


Bright or pretty shaded rocks.

Fairy Houses are often surrounded by colourful rocks and winding stepping stone paths, we can even show you how to add some metallic sparkle!

We have chosen a pastel purple from our special colours collection to use for our stones and using a well primed gold and silver we have blown on the nib to make the paint spray our rocks- it’s a pretty cool effect!


Funky doors. 

As previously mentioned doors create the heart of the fairy garden. Our door has a flower cap on the top matching some of the colour combinations with the path to make the whole look of the fairy garden tie in together well. 

Flowers and plant life. 

This can be represented with painted rocks or by real plants and flowers. If you are using a pot or something small to create your fairy garden then we suggest using small plants and small painted rocks. We chose a mixture of succulent plants in our pot and added some iris and pansy flower rocks.

Small creatures and bugs.

Frogs, lady beetles, butterflies and caterpillars are the typical organisms found in a garden. Our little friendly green frog is created in a lighter shade which gives great contrast compared to the dark blue used in the background. If you choose a dark green then it is a good idea for you to use a lighter blue for the background, the reason behind this is the “light to dark rule” - colours require contrast to stand out!

We’ve even given our frog a little crown- after all every frog deserves to be a prince.

Other items to include.

Find other objects you could incorporate into your fairy garden- small ornaments, garden stakes, hanging crystals and if you are feeling really adventurous make some twig furniture! We were lucky to have a scratch around the house during our “spring clean” and found a frog vegetable label garden stake which we have printed “our fairy garden “ on using the Life of Colour acrylic white fine tip.

Gather all of your creations and items and put it all together - the kids might even enjoy having some imaginative play with the new garden!


What’s next? 

Now that you’ve got the fairy garden bug for creating here is another really cool idea for upcycling some glass jars or vases, use a stencil or create a silhouette picture using metallic and glitter Life of Colour paint pens. You could place painted rocks inside and some tea light candles inside or a set of fairy lights for added effect!

Join the Life of Colour art group on Facebook and show us your Fairy garden creations and get inspiration from others on our site! The range of Life of Colour paint pens are easily available in Australia and New Zealand to satisfy all of your acrylic paint pen needs! Make Afterpay your method of payment to make these affordable products part of your life today!

Stay safe everyone- together we will get through this, sending you love from the Life of Colour team.

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