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Easter ideas to make with your paint pens

Wooden figures

Use your paint pens to decorate Easter themed wooden figures, like a cute bunny, eggs or the word "Easter".

Art by: Bronwyn_Giblin

Easter corner

Make an assorted collection of Easter inspired rocks and set them up on a nice vignette as part of your home decor. Baby chicks, bunnies, baskets, carrots and eggs are all good ideas!

Art by: Samantha Dorahy


Egg hunt

Make a fun egg hunt collection by painting adorable bunnies collecting Easter eggs!

Art by: Casey Smith


Delicious chocolate

Give a little love to your favourite chocolate eggs by painting a copy of their packaging on rocks!


Art by: Samantha Dorahy

Easter tic-tac-toe

Take out your paint pens and make a fun game to play with the kids this Easter. Read all about the process in our blog post.

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