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8 creative rock painting ideas for all ages!

All too often when asked about rock painting people reply-I can’t paint, stop right there and give it a try. you never know until you give it a go!

We want to get everyone in the family involved in rock painting using Life of Colour acrylic paint pens! Our products are the easiest choice when it comes to purchasing rock painting supplies- we provide high quality box sets of paint pens and now we would like to provide you with some inspiration no matter what level of skill that you have! 

If you're new to rock painting, you can get the best info on how to get started on this beautiful hobby here: Rock painting for newbies

1) Planets and phases of the moon rocks

The phases of the moon and planets in the solar system painted on rocks using your Life of Colour acrylic paint markers could be the perfect gift for an astronomy or astrology lover!

When plotting the angle of attack for the moon phases we suggest using rocks that are around the same size and tracing around a circle template to make each moon phase the same circular shape adds to the effectiveness of the set! Grab the Classics to have white, black and silver if you need to add a bit of sparkle!


The Earth Colours are the perfect set for making accurate and detailed planets with a large array of neutral tones, blues and intense oranges.

On the underside of the stone write the name of each phase or planet - this will add to the learning experience.

2) TV and comic Superhero rocks

Comic-con anyone? Whether you’re a Muggle, a Marshmallow, an Earper, a Jedi, a Whovian or someone who doesn’t understand a word we just said we have something of interest for you! 

Everyone loves a good hero or even a super villain. The colourful superhero symbols and logos that correlate with our favourite characters are recognised around the world! 

See a list of the best superhero or villain rock painting ideas here!

Comprised of bright colours and simple shapes that are suited to our classic coloured Life of Colour acrylic paint markers.



3) Rock painting the natural environment we live in

Calling all nature lovers! Our Aussie flora and fauna are some of the most majestic that can be found around the world.

I am a huge nature lover and one of my favourite places to be is in the great outdoors.

More nature rock painting ideas

Part of our families nightly ritual is to check our front and back verandahs for frogs- the children are so fond of our green friends that they call them “our house frogs”. The earth colours Life of Colour paint pen set is the ultimate companion when it comes to painting the Australian flora and fauna, from the traditional bush to our beloved animals.

Whenever I am out and about I find myself studying my natural surroundings and analysing everything into colours and shapes. Having this ability allows me to later attempt to reanimate pieces of reality into my mini artworks, after all everything we see is made up of shapes and colours. 

Step by step wombat rock painting

4) Rock painting birds of a feather flock together! 

What’s your favourite bird? The peacock is my ultimate favourite bird and although not native to Australia it is nowadays commonly found throughout our country. 

Shimmering Metallic and glitter blue Life of Colour paint pens have been used to paint the majority of the body of the bird set against a white background create a powerful image. You can get the Shimmer Fun bundle here and save $6.

Everyday I am reminded of just how lucky we are to be living in Australia with the constant sound of bird calls in the air. 

The early morning call of the kookaburra, lorikeets chirping chorus as they fly past in small flocks, spirituality of the black cockatoo squawk signifying rain, the beautifully coloured rosella & king parrot, ending the evening with the spooky hooting sound of a barn owl- we are truly blessed!

Find yourself a patch of bush and take the time to appreciate our native birds- relax and listen to their symphony of sounds, study them then go get out your Life of Colour paint pen supplies and paint your own bird!

5) Children’s television characters

Keeping your children interested in the rock painting hobby is a priority especially so that you can keep your own addiction hidden 😂😂.



Finding images of characters on the internet is easy - just type in the name and BAM! 

The key to finding an image that’s easy to complete a beginning outline is getting a “colouring in” copy, this provides you with a blank black and white picture -without the background noise of colour. 

Once you have an outline all you need to do is fill it in with some Life of Colour! I’ve kept the background of the rocks bare but you might like to fill them in with a contrasting colour to give your rock a personalised touch!!

Children’s clothing often has the cutest little images that are quick and easy to turn into a rock design.

More rock painting ideas for kids

Educational rock painting ideas for kids

Turn your favourite books into story stones


6) Floral rock painting

Pretty floral images found on designers fabrics often provide a great source to copy.

Ed Hardy is one of many notable designers with exceptional drawing skills. Hardy completed fine arts in printmaking and when he started out many years ago he was a tattoo artist, though now retired he still oversees his team of tattooists.

Ed’s printed material provides some very cool images that can be used to give you some awesome inspiration and our Life of Colour paint pen box sets provide you with the perfect colour combinations to execute your ideas.


7) Patchwork and scrapbooking inspired rocks

Do you enjoy sewing, scrapbooking and craft in general? No doubt you probably already have an extensive range of materials but we can guarantee that you will not regret adding some Life Of Colour paint markers to your collection. Fabrics, stamps and stencils can provide some of the best ways to get inspiration and kick start creativity with your rock painting.

Colourful Patchwork rocks will get your Life of Colour paint pens firing on all cylinders, no need to get the sewing machine out today to sew this beauty up!

The important feature of the patchwork design is to layer different colours and shapes next to each other and then give each shape a bold outline and “stitch” them all together, there are no real rules just loads of Life of Colour!


8) Gifting rock ideas for loved ones, teachers and friends.

Nothing quite compares to a gift that is handcrafted with care and comes from the heart.

For these special gifting stones I like to use larger sized rocks. 

Anniversary gifts could follow the rules with wood, silver or gold themes by using the corresponding colours or wording on the rocks. Engagements could be unique by placing a “marry me?” message on the underside of a beautifully decorated heart rock.

You could even use the same rock as a wedding table decoration!

Don’t forget to share the love with your friends by letting them know how much you appreciate them too!

A heart might be something you reserve for a lover or family members, friendship rocks with “BFF” or friends forever written around the edge of a cute character will convey your sentiments nicely.

Every year we gift our teachers with the same old things- chocolate, coffee cups and bottles of wine. Life of colour suggests that you take a closer look at what your teacher might find special and maybe even a gift that could be useful in the classroom setting.

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