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5 Glitter DIY ideas without the mess using paint pens


Twelve bold and sparkly colours in the Life of Colour Glitter box includes - grey, red, blue, green, gold, silver, yellow, orange, pink, copper, purple and brown.
There are many great uses for your glitter pens such as adding an extra dazzling touch to homemade cards and card stock, scrapbooking and photo albums, paper crafts, upcycling projects, rock painting, shoe decorating and colourful canvas art!
Just like our Life of Colour acrylic paint pen range the glitter pens use vivid colours that are highly pigmented, non toxic, water based acrylic paint and are easy to apply, mess free and long lasting.

Shimmering rock painting creations 

Art by Shari Chapman

Using the glitter paint pens on rocks can create a beautiful sparkling effect that shimmers in the sun like it’s been sprinkled with magic fairy dust. As you can see in the images above the paint markers suit all styles of art- all it takes is a little imagination!

Art by Kala Chand

Glitter pens highlights

A great way to highlight and compliment your other sets of Life of Colour paint pens is to use the Glitter paint pens as a highlight around the edges, change the colours completely by shading over the top(best achieved when the base layer is dry) or try blending the colours into each other using your finger or a paint brush (best visible on the green and pink dress).

Add glitter to your scrapbook projects without the mess

Life of Colour glitter paint pens are highly pigmented acrylic glitter paint that is designed for many uses and paper projects won't bleed through paper.

Add some unique sparkling accents to a variety of crafts on multiple surfaces- coasters, canvases, ceramics and terracotta would all look magic with a galaxy makeover!

Beautify a pair of cheap shoes

Not only can you glitterize a pair of shoes but you can totally wear them too! This pair of shoes that I painted using our Life of Colour glitter paint markers actually fell apart before the long lasting paint ever budged from the surface.

What’s next? Purchase a set of Life of Colour paint pens and complete our Rainbow Lorikeet rock painting tutorial.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Our beautiful Life of Colour paint pens can be used to paint realistic images such as this Rainbow Lorikeet- follow along and you can easily paint one too!

Step one: Start with a base coated rock- white or light colours are effective for using the glitter pens to create light shades.

Step two: Paint a large branch with a blend of brown and gold glitter. Place some smaller branches stemming off the large branch.

Step three: Add green glitter gum leaves and a vine wrapping around the larger branch

Step four: Paint a breast and head for the Lorikeet using a base of purple glitter then blend blue over the top- this will create a deep blue violet shade.

Step five: Fill in the breast area using an orange glitter and place a small amount of orange on the back of the bird's head too. Blend a red glitter into the orange paint in dashes concentrated in the centre under the bird's neck. Complete the back of the Lorikeets head with a dash of green glitter pen.

Step six: Add a dot of red glitter for the eye and beak with a dash of orange at the top of the beak. The wings on the Lorikeet are painted with green glitter and highlights with orange whilst still wet are added and bleed into each other to add the effect of shimmer on the wings. Solid green glitter paint in a triangular shape underneath the large branch begins to take form for the bird's tail feathers with the addition of orange surrounds.

Step seven: Allow the glitter paint pen layer to dry and add finer detailing using a 1mm black paint marker- ensure to avoid too many solid lines as broken lines are more suited to paintings that are of a natural element.

To purchase any of these paint pen products and lots more check out the Life of Colour online shop through Facebook, Instagram or our website now!
Join our community art group on Facebook and stay updated with the trends, competition and offers!

Life of Colour truly is the best alternative to posca Australia and offers the easiest way to purchase all your rock painting supplies in Australia and New Zealand!
You can also check out our blogs about our pens and their many uses and tutorials for inspiration.

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