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Revamping a clock with Life of Colour

The fun part about upcycling items around your home is that you get to feel a sense of fulfilment in completing a task, another positive is that you are able to discover the vast variety of surfaces in which your paint pens can be used.

This is the perfect opportunity to use your watercolour brush pens and acrylic paint pens together! If you don't have your first set yet, make sure to order yours today. You can get the Paint pen + Watercolour bundle for a discounted price and free shipping.

Clock 1: Make a wish with a combination of pens.

Clock makeover with dandelion seed puff 'make a wish' motif done in watercolour pens | Life of Colour

Inspiration for this clock was gathered from a special moment spending time together as a family. Wandering through the paddock and the kids raced off as they spotted a patch of dandelions that had turned to seed, they were so excited to pick them and blow, as they did this I exclaimed “make a wish!”
It’s the simple acts in life that can be so uplifting to the soul!

A combination of blue watercolour brush pens and blue acrylic paint pens layered together created the circular shape of the dandelion seed head.

Did you know that you can use the water brush from the watercolour set to collect paint from your Life of Colour paint pens? Yes you can! and that’s exactly what we did to create fine gold and blue drops of paint. The water brush flicks paint around by tapping it onto your finger with a quick motion.

Remember to always clean off your water brush pen after use.

Clock 2: Abstract Decoupage

Clock makeover with collage decoupage abstract motif done in watercolour pens | Life of Colour
Decoupage is a method in which an object is covered with pieces of decorative paper and we have found that this is the perfect opportunity to take the kids' Life of Colour creations off the fridge (take pics of their art first) and get busy cutting and glueing together.

It’s a perfect way to preserve bits and pieces of art to form something quite unique.

You could even add other decorative elements such as magazine cut outs, gold leaf or metallic Life of Colour acrylic paint pen details.

Clock 3: Watercolour green tree frog

Clock makeover with green tree frog motif done in watercolour pens | Life of Colour
Have you been painting with your Life of Colour watercolour brush pens lately and the house is full of beautiful pieces of art that you are not quite sure what to do with?

We found this watery green tree frog hiding away whilst searching through resources to use to revamp our clock and decided to cut the art to fit onto half of the clock - pretty funky right?!

Add more skills to your growing artistic repertoire by staying up to date with our amazing and creative blog ideas!

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The range of Life of colour paint pens are easily available in Australia and New Zealand to satisfy all of your acrylic paint pen and watercolour brush pen needs! Make Afterpay your method of payment to make these affordable products part of your life today!

Stay safe everyone and look after each other, sending you love from the Life of Colour team.

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