About Us

Life of Colour is a boutique supplier of art products based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in creating high quality, modern and innovative art tools and accessories at affordable prices. 

Life of Colour is more than just an art brand; it’s a movement, a philosophy and a lifestyle. In today’s fast paced, high action world it is so important that we stop to explore all the amazing colours around us. You don’t have to be a professional artist to get the benefits of having colour and creativity in your life, everyone was born to create and we are here to give you all the tools you need to find your colour mojo!

Community is at our core, and through the wonderful gift of social media we have connected with the most incredible artists and people around the world. When you buy our products, you join our community and we go on a colour journey together. Our blog posts and instagram tutorials helps anyone on their creative journey.

We are a local business in Sydney Australia, and through various workshops and activities, we are trying to inspire all people, young and old, to get more creative with our easy to use and portable art products. Please follow us to stay up to date on any local activities that may excite you. 

Life of Colour is stocked in various stores around Sydney including Art on King, Art Shop at Rose Bay, Abode, Laugh and Learn and Cicada and Co.

If you would like to be a stockist of our products please get in touch. 

Thank you for being here!

Jodi --- Life of Colour

life of colour lettering