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Life of Colour Rewards Program

We wanted to make an exciting and vibrant rewards program, so we came up with the Colour system!

You will earn points each time you place an order on the Life of Colour shop, by referring your friends, celebrating birthdays and sharing pictures of your creations on social media!

After filling your tank with Colours, you can trade them off for coupons (and get upto $25 off your order!)

How to sign up

Click on the 'Earn colour points' button on the bottom left hand corner to sign up for our Rewards program.

Shop and earn Colours

Each time you complete one of these actions, you earn Colours which you can later turn in into awesome rewards!

Ways to earn Colours:


Place an order
10 Colours for every $1 spent
200 Colours
Celebrate a birthday
400 Colours
500 Colours

Trade your Colours for coupons

Trade in your Colours for money off your order, you can start exchanging your Colours for an $8 off coupon or go straight into the big one and save $25 off your order after getting 2500 Colours.

$8 off coupon = 800 Colours
$15 off coupon = 1500 Colours
$25 off coupon = 2500 Colours


Show some love to your friends

Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase. They get a $6 off coupon and you get one too!
Your friend gets
$6 off coupon
You get
$6 off coupon