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Life Of Colour Mandala's- Decorative & Creative Ways to Display your beautiful Mandala.

Life Of Colour Mandala's- Decorative & Creative Ways to Display your beautiful Mandala.

The art of creating Mandala art is not just about creating a geometric pattern or painting a beautiful design upon a surface, it is so much more than that! For so many people it's about creating a piece of art that brings joy, comfort, healing, boosts self-esteem, supports mental health, provides a meditative state and studies have also shown that painting Mandalas provides a boost to your immune system and promotes healthy sleep patterns and can assist with depression.

Not only do you get all of these benefits from painting a Life of Colour Mandala you also get to keep a magnificent work of art to display, and we would like to show you just a few creative ways that you can use the Mandala to brighten up your home.

Boho Wall Hanging

We chose a Boho Wall Hanging theme for our Rainbow designed Life of Colour Dancer Mandalahowever you could decide upon the theme that would best suit your decor and Mandala design- the beauty of the boards is that there are no specific rules so you are free to choose your own colour schemes.

The mandala stands out brightly sitting next the white hessian circular designs in a cluster and it makes for a really striking piece of wall art.

Hanging on a wall in a collection

Complete a number of stunning Life of Colour Mandala boards and hang them in a neat row across a wall together. The best approach for this would be to position them next to each other on a wall that requires brightening up with beautiful colour!

Mandala boards painted by Tracey Treloar.

Alternatively, you could arrange the Dancer, Botanica, and The Beach Mandala boards underneath a decorative shelf and attach oversized Macrame tassels to hang them from. With the boards surrounded by some large baskets and a bit of greenery, suddenly your house begins to look like it's been designed by an interior expert!

Colourful and inviting Mandala Placemats.

Give your Life of Colour Wildflower Mandala boards a couple of coats of clear acrylic spray paint to protect the surface from spills and you can set the boards onto your dining room table to make an inviting family dinner space. Who knows - maybe this will make the kids eat their dinner!

Mandala art by Stacey Montford.

This is a fantastic way to both display your art and to encourage your children to sit at the dinner table with a stimulating image to look at. Just look at those smiling faces!  Any guest to your home would be so impressed to view the works of art on your table and it would also make for a great conversation starter.

Mandala Candle Mat

More commonly you may find woven and crochet Mandala mats for a hippy candle display, so we thought of a great way to enhance your candlelit experiences by arranging candles in containers around the outer edge of your Life of Colour Botanica Mandala Boards.

Mandala painted by Jessica Marie

The ideal candles would be drip free and in an encased heat proof container so that you avoid getting any drips of wax onto your masterpiece. Just imagine sitting in an ambient candle lit room, admiring your lovely Mandala board.

Brighten up a drab corner nook!

Perhaps you have a boring corner of the house that you want to brighten up or a small nook that you want to hide and redesign? We have a simple solution for these spaces that will transform the way the area looks- sit the Life of Colour Mandala board in front of the nook and you will immediately notice the difference and positive impact it makes to the space.

It's just the perfect place for you to sit your Life of Colour Phoenix Mandala board and you do not need to do anything to prepare the space- no nails, no fuss- just set it into place and appreciate your art!

Frame it!

In the words of Mr Maker "All that's left to do is...FRAME IT!!" You could purchase a frame or head to your local Op Shop and recycle an old picture and frame to affix a painted Life of Colour Mandala board onto. The best results would be to use a contrasting coloured background to make your Mandala the star oof the show!

This gold trimmed frame with a dark painted background assists the Wildflower brush pen colours to absolutely pop with vibrancy, bringing a whole new look to something old and a brand-new original look to your Mandala.

Mandala Crystal grid arrangements

Mandala Crystal grid arrangements are beautiful by both design and nature, providing assistance to an individual's "crystal healing journey". By simply arranging specific crystals in grid formations on your Mandala board you can attract abundance, improve relationships, promote peaceful sleep and manifest self-love.

Place your Mandala Crystal grid somewhere that it will remain undisturbed to allow the crystals to continue an energetic connection and leave the grid set up until it has served its purpose for you.

Mandala Tabletop

Do you have a small table that you have that has made you think "I would love to transform it to make it look brand new?" and the only thing holding you back is the know-how and skill set to get started.

We have the perfect solution to this conundrum- simply affix your Mandala board to the table!

Mandala art painted by Sarah Twibill.

Prepare the Kaleidoscope Mandala board with a few coats of clear acrylic spray, you could also use a resin to set the surface and give it a nice layer of protection to preserve your beautiful art.

Christmas Decoration

A wonderful way to incorporate holiday celebrations during the festive season would be to paint your Mandala with a colour scheme that fits the occasion- Halloween colours could be yellow, orange, purple, black and green, and Christmas colours could be a mixture of greens, reds and shades of orange.

Just imagine how impressive it would look to hang the In bloom Mandala in place of a wreath on your door or wall next to your Christmas tree.

Mandala art painted by Lyn Wenzel.

We were stunned at how the whole feel of the Mandala evolves just by adjusting the colour scheme and adding a few extra details here and there. To take it the next level you could even use a hot glue gun and attach small baubles, ribbon bows or a Christmas greenery around the edges.

Lots of Dots

Our delightful community continues to amaze us with their Mandala paint pen choices and painting techniques. The image below was painted by Zoe Crawn and upon closer inspection you can see that she has painted details over the top of the Mandala including dots, lines, boxes and extra features to turn her work into an absolute masterpiece! 


Mandala art painted by Zoe Crawn. 

Take a look at another example of a Mandala that has been painted by Samantha Merry, she has added dots using the Life of Colour Dot pens.

Mandala art painted by Samantha Merry.

The mixture of pastel shades selected from the Floral Brush tip paint pens looks so effective when it is combined with the sheen of the Metallic Dot pens- very impressive indeed!

Layers of Art

Running out of wall space to display your Mandala art? Have no fear the answer is here! Simply place your Mandala in front of some art on a shelf, tabletop or cupboard. The blue background creates a contrast that is amazing and highlights the pink shades used on the Mandala board.

Mandala art painted by Stacey Montford.

We used a decorative Japanese pot and plate to keep the lightweight Mandala in place and together it has created a beautiful art installation.

Turn the Hands of Time

Looking back at the past couple of months our Life of Colour Facebook Art Group  has had a flourish of colourful Mandala art being shared - everyone has been showing us what they have painted and the different ways to display them. One of our absolute favourite creations is from Joanne Height Russell - she transformed her Mandala into a clock.

Mandala Clock created by Joanne Height Russell.

Thank you, Joanne, for an ingenious idea! A huge thank you goes out to everyone that has purchased a Mandala board and for sharing your beautiful art with us in our group and all over our socials.

The kindness and support that we feel in our special community every day is truly appreciated and we honestly are so very happy to be able to provide a release for art therapy for you all. Keep up the great work lovely people!

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