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Paint vibrant Mexican Folk Art on any surface

Travel restrictions may still be in place but that doesn’t mean you can’t take Mum anywhere in the world in the form of art! Life Of Colour wants to help you take a trip to Mexico with a cool Folk art designed bread box.

When you hear the term “folk art” it may remind you of old fashioned flowers, plants, with earthy colours, well upon researching we found that each country has their own style of folk art and the Mexican style is quite modern and vibrant with colour that is influenced by many things, including nature, landscapes and religion.

Did you know that the term Folk art is work made by people who are self-taught, no formal training or art school education.

Objects considered folk art are usually made by hand, and can include all manner of art from sculpture and ceramics to paintings.

No need to stress about making your own design as we have a set of stencils that you could utilise to suit this style of art perfectly!

Step 1: Paint a circular shape

First step in making Mexican Folkart inspired painting

The main centrepiece for our breadbox is the sun which has been formed by tracing around a CD (you could use any circular shape) then we have blended our Life of colour paint pen (orange, yellow and red, from the Classics) together with a fingertip to colour the sun.

As you can see in the picture we have placed paint strokes in a circular motion to allow each colour to give the sun a textured depth.

Step two: Add some Cacti

Cactus Mexican Folkart inspired painting

The cactus we have chosen is quite popular when it comes to Mexican folk art and landscapes. Life of Colour also has the perfect cactus and succulent stencil sheet available to use as a guide to draw your own cactus or alternatively you could place many smaller plants around the edges of the sun.

Step three: Hummingbird

Hummingbird Mexican Folkart inspired painting

The original inspiration for this artwork stemmed from one of our Life of Colour art group page members who had recently posted a beautiful hummingbird painting and we were itching to share a different style of painting with you too.

The basic shape of each part of the bird is depicted in layers of various to give it a fun, vibrant appearance.

Step four: Geckos

How to paint a mexican folk art inspired Gecko

Originally when we set out on our Mexican folk art journey we had planned to paint one Gecko but after seeing the cute creature transform it was decided that the breadbox needed more of them.

The solid blue shape was used to paint the base shape of the Gecko and the other colours were added to create the pattern over the top.

Step five: Mexican colours

Mexican Folkart inspired breadbox easy painting upcycle craft

There’s no better way to represent a country by using the colours that are shown on their flag. Our Life of Colour stencil was a handy tool to allow for the uniform shape of the arrows that we arranged around the Geckos which we painted red, white and green with yellow highlights.

To give some added colour we chose to use a Life of Colour yellow Fluro paint marker over the top of the yellow accents.

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