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Life of Colour collection of paint pens, watercolour pens, fabric pens and paint stix is designed to inspire and encourage artists of all ages and skills.

Acrylic Paint Pens

Our acrylic paint pens are multi-purpose highly pigmented water-based art pens filled with acrylic paint, for use on any surface.

Get paint pens in Australia and New Zealand in: Classic Colours 1mm and 3mm, Special Colours (pastels) 1mm and 3mm, Fluro, Metallic 1mm, Earth Colours 1.5mm and Glitter 3mm!

Enjoy creating art projects on virtually any surface: fabric, textile, canvas, metal, pottery, treated wood, plastic, stone, terra-cotta, polymer clay, rock & more. Resistant to water, fading, and abrasion

Watercolour Brush Pens

20 vibrant and diverse colours including primary, pastels, fluorescents and naturals (Colours are mixable to create new colours) and a refillable water brush

Recommended by artists for lettering, calligraphy, drawing, painting and colouring

Great for  all ages: They are completely mess-free, washable, odourless and non-toxic, making it an amazing gift for creative kids.

Fabric Pens

Our Fabric Pens contain 20 vibrant and permanent pens for use on all fabric types, from shoes to bags to t-shirts, tablecloths, bibs and so on

The ink is non toxic, odourless and safe for all ages. They are fade resistant and can be washed at up to 30° C after use

Silky Paint Pens

Meet the vibrant, silky, fun alternative for crayons! Unlike other silky crayons, ours are very quick to dry, so there is no mess involved at all!
Set includes 12 vibrant colour, solid poster paint sticks

Uncap, twist and paint. No water needed

Colours are very easy to blend. Paint, blend and then paint over the dried paint with any other pen or other colours. Perfect for kids of all ages (and adults too). Easy to use and great for art kits on-the go.