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Are you looking to bring MORE COLOUR into your classroom / homeschooling?

Life of Colour offers a great selection of school art supplies for the classroom, such as multi-surface paint pens, easy-to-use paint stix, brush pens, craft rocks and wood slices, paper, stencils and more.

We are based in Sydney and supply our high quality, modern and innovative art tools and accessories all over Australia and New Zealand.

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* Minimum order: $100. Discount can't be combined with other discount codes. Orders must be made with a .edu email address to qualify. If you are a homeschooling parent, email us beforehand to approve your access.

Why Life of Colour art supplies are perfect for your classroom/homeschooling

1) Our products are MESS-FREEand they require MINIMAL SET-UPand cleanup. Using water and brushes is optional!

2) We pride ourselves on being CLASSROOM FRIENDLY, with a wide range of art supplies are perfect for children of all ages and skill levels.

3) We provide EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES including lesson plans, workshops, tutorials, inspiration and community support.

We have created a handy guide with 10 ways you can use Life of Colour pens in schools!

Create amazing mixed media art using the gouache stix and watercolour pens. On these fantastic rainbow tutorials, children of all ages can learn how to blend, drip and stamp using supplies from around the house.

School Break is upon us, and what better way to engage with our children than through art? We are showing you three easy craft ideas your kids can make on their own, or with your help.

The Crafts and Textile Kit is the perfect combination of art supplies to get started into fabric painting on denim, canvas and other textile surfaces - while also having the paint pens to use on all the materials of your house, like cardboard, paper, enamel tins, wood, etc.