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Wood slices

Our Wood Circles are made of natural pine wood with bark edges, each slice is sanded and polished to make the surface smooth and safe for painting, drawing or writing

The wood slices are ideal for any art or DIY project, including painting with paint pens, making coasters, Christmas tree ornaments, holiday decorations, wedding decorations, etc.


Our two packs of stencils contain hundreds of gorgeous designs to use on your art and school projects, journals, rocks, home-made cards, scrapbooks and more

Use with all types of drawing materials. Ballpoint pen, Watercolour Pens, Acrylic Paint Pens, Pencils and Gel Pens among others.

At least 3 of the new stencil sheets were created by members of our artist community,  specifically thinking about its use on rocks or our new wood slices!

Replacement tips

If your paint pens tips are damaged you can get 1mm and 3mm paint pen nib replacements right here.

Simply remove your current tip and replace it with your new ones and your pen will be brand new.