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Our Favourite Decor Hacks Using Acrylic Paint Pens

Sometimes letting your creativity take flight is half the fun of dabbling in the world of art. From homemade decor through to everyday hacks – experimenting with mediums and techniques is exactly what drives us; it’s what inspires us to create.

This time around, we’re feeling inspired by acrylic paint pens, and we’ve got a few nifty tricks up our sleeves for you to use when you’re feeling artsy.

How to DIY with acrylic paint pens

Firstly, acrylic paint pens are a great way to highlight and add dimension to your work. Controlling the pens in particular ways allows you to manipulate your lines, add sharp-edged shapes and work with text. They’re a versatile way to do more in your art, and that’s exactly why we love them so much.

A great way to reap the benefits of these pens for your home decor is to use the colour coverage they allow for. With so many variations of nibs and points, you’re able to effectively take control of the style you want. And that’s the first important step of using these tools.

So, here are a few of our favourite hacks.

‘Dipped’ vases

If you’ve got a plain-white vase laying around and are feeling the need to experiment, grab a metallic gold acrylic paint pen, a sponge and get ready to mix things up a bit. Colour the bottom of your vase with the marker, and while it is still wet, use a sponge to stroke and drag the paint upwards. This will soften the edges and create a ‘dipped’ look at the bottom of your vase. The end result should look like it has contrast in some areas, and will stand out vividly against the white.

Pro tip: Use a ceramic vase for the best results.

DIY jewellery box

From storing your earrings through to keeping track of loose change – jewellery/trinket boxes are a great way to jazz up your space. They’re also perfect as a gift, so add this one to your list when you’re stuck for birthday or Christmas present ideas.

Grab a white marker and colour your entire box with it. Then, blend in some of your favourite colours and go crazy with shapes. We like to use floral patterns, giving the box a ‘painted’ look at the finish. Simple, but effective.

Photo frames

Home decor trends these days are inspired by ‘rough’ and ‘spontaneous’ shapes. They shouldn’t be perfect, so using this method is a great way to get artsy, without being a professional. Choose a blank photo frame, colour various blocks of it in contrasting colours (we like green vs. pink) and then add gold shapes on top – think dashes and dots. Don’t be scared for it to look like it was an ‘in the moment’ thing. It should be.

Candle votives

This is probably our favourite of them all. Select a few small glass votives (try to find circular ones), and get drawing with a white marker. Create floral masterpieces for the ultimate pro look, and throw in a lit candle when you’re done. Voila.

What are your favourite ways to use acrylic paint pens?

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