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15 Easy Life of Colour Craft Ideas for Beginners


15 Easy Life of Colour Craft Ideas for Beginners

Making craft is a fun andtherapeutic way to spend your free time. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of skills to get started. With Life of Colour, craft can be as simple as 1, 2, 3. With the help of a few simple tools, such as Brush pens, Watercolour's and Juicy gel pens you can easily create your first craft masterpiece. Don’t believe us? Here are some easy craft ideas for beginners that you can try today.

Before you start

The easiest way to get started with craft is with some basic supplies from Life of Colour. The paints we supply don’t need any special equipment to take shape and usually, it takes less than 24-48 hours for the paint to dry and harden.

After you’ve completed a project, you can proceed to paint it.If your project is not a neutral colour (white, beige, etc.), you might want to cover it with awhite base coat before colouring. 

Afterward, it’s time to create that glossy look for your work. This look is created through a glaze, a spray paint varnish that adds the finishing touch to a professional-looking piece of art. These glazes take additional time to dry, but once done, they will protect the colour of your work for a long time. 

These are the important steps of the process you should know before entering a craft project. Are you ready to discover all the possibilities? Let’s jump right into it!

1 - Cards

Creating Watercolour cards from paper is a great idea to get started with Life of Colour (and to showcase your new skills). The best thing about cards is that they’re bite-sized projects you can get done in one sitting. 

You can create cards of various shapes and objects. For example, create multiple small hearts in different colours. Or, try your hands at building a cut out model of your pet. Don’t forget to attach a small details with a fine tip or Juicy Gel pens to your creation once it’s dry and your work is ready.

2 - Serving Platter

Want to have a special place for your platter spreads? Good news: you can create it yourself. A serving platter takes little to no effort to create using a Life of Colour Mystical Eye board. Simply complete a board and give it a coat of food grade wax, and voila! 

Don’t let us stop you from letting your imagination run wild. You can also create small platters from the Love Nature Collection, or an animal, and more. 

3 - Rock Art

Rock painting is a  therapeutic, creative and relaxing hobby for all ages that anyone can enjoy with simple supplies and some inspiration and you can decorate them as you wish. Grab yourself a set of Life of Colour  Acrylic Markers and some round craft rocks and away you go!

If you’re feeling fancy, you can also add finer details and beautiful messages.

4 - Jewellery

One of the most creative ideas to keep the kids busy and its also practical is creating jewellery. Create and own various pieces of custom-made jewellery using Life of Colour pens.  It’s simple, and the possibilities are endless. Take inspiration from current fashion trends, or just go off the grid with funky patterns of your own imagination.

Start with something as simple as a ring. Once you’ve become more confident, you can move on to earrings and bigger pieces such as bracelets or necklaces. 

5 - Journal Entries

What do you use your Life of Colour journal for?
We have found joy in using it as an art journal because it has the perfect sized pages for to get an artwork completed in a day.
This whale page was completed with a collage of scrap paper that was layered and painted with Gouache and Silky stix. The painted whale used a black silky and added fine details with a 1mm paint pen.

6 - Plates

Speaking of cooking utensils, this list wouldn’t be complete without plates. Due to their shapes, plates are perhaps the easiest project for beginner  crafter to take on. You can choose to test the waters by painting the basic plate: a relatively flat circle accompanied by curved rims. 

However, the best thing about paint pens is that you’re in charge of the results. That’s why you’re free to design the perfect plate with all the functionalities that your average platter doesn’t have. For example, try to come up with a plate with original messages to make it more meaningful. 

7 - Pots / Flower Vases

A pinch pot or vase is the ultimate fun way to create decorations with Life of Colour. To paint a pinch pot or Flower vase, use a layer of paint of black or white to base coat it and once satisfied with the form, let it dry completely.

Layer your design over the top before sealing it. This is the perfect way to craft small vases - cute little decorations for your house or room. 

8 - Boots


You definitely don’t need to master crafter to paint boots. In fact, you don’t much at all. Making personalised boots is totally possible. To create a them, just choose a theme and go for it with splashes of colour. 

Boots require some patience to make as holding them whilst painting can be tricky. Perhaps that’s also why they’re one of the most rewarding craft ideas, as they can be used daily.  

9 - Candle holders

Are you a proud owner of a candle stash? Try making some candle holders! To create a candle holder, start by cleaning the surface smooth. Decorate the surface with some designs using a hot glue gun.

Wait for it to dry, apply Chrome paint, and you will have a shiny, new candle holder. This is just one of the many ways you can create a candleholder. 

10 - Mugs

Perhaps one of the most popular gifting ideas is the famous mug. Use the unique idea of printing a Mandala design on the front and you have yourself a brand new mug. 

11 - Picture in a frame

Got some frames lying around? How about creating a picture in a frame?

Picture frames are a great way to adorn your art and bring about a new layer of fond memories to the moment. 

The basic components of a picture frame include a flat surface on which a slit stands to hold the photo. You can choose to add a supporting piece in the back, like a traditional photo frame, or some extra decorations around the base.

12 - Clock

Did you know that you can create a functional clock from your Mandala board even as a beginner? Complete with instructions, included with a clock kit (have a look at Ebay for one) that can help you bring this idea to life. The Mandala kit includes a board and pens, all you need to do is cut a hole and attach your very own clock. 

This idea is also great as an activity amongst friends and family, as everyone probably has their own idea about how a clock should look. We promise you there will be no shortage of fun and laughter. 

13 - Name signs

Are you looking to save more? Start with a cheap craft idea! Are you not happy with how the other store-bought name signs look? It's time to create your own! Simply create a unique dot pen design on each letter then put it on display.  

14 - An animal Crystal

Pets and fauna can be handy and readily available “muses” for your painting endeavours. So why not create a picture of your cat, dog, guinea pig or favourite bird? Moreover, you don’t always have to stick to pets. Other animals, like penguins, are also perfect models. 

Wow everyone by partnering with the artist in you to paint a rendition of your pet or your favourite animal!

15 - Hand Print

Hearts are also perfect for adding shapes. For example, if you’re a new parent who wants to capture the handprint of your children, this is the perfect choice for you. What could be more meaningful than crafting a permanent mould of your favourite person’s attributes? 

Painting and Craft for beginners

Starting a new hobby can be daunting, especially if it’s considered an ancient craft that requires meticulous work like painting. As with any other hobby, all you need is practice and patience. 

Sometimes, a little bit of help is needed. That’s when products such as Life of Colour can really help. Life of Colour creates Experience kits and bundles that can come with assistance to help you create your first craft work flawlessly. All the materials you will need for a successful project are provided in the kits, and you never have to worry about imperfection.

See more products from Life of Colour Life of Colour | Boutique Supplier of Unique & Modern Art Supplies (

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