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Stay Spooky - Tips for some Halloween Creative fun

Spooky season is here. Let us get you ready!!! Here are some fun Halloween inspired crafts from our awesome team of Life of Colour artists.

Watercolour and masking fluid

We have shown you before how Kiki @kikicustomart uses masking fluid to make some seriously striking art pieces. Here is a step by step guide on how to use masking fluid and Life of Colour Watercolour Brush Pens effectively.

Materials used.

Masking fluid: fineline masking pen

Paper: arches art cold press 140 lb

Paint: Life of Colour Watercolour Brush Pens (obviously)

Draw whatever you like on your paper with your masking fluid. Need some ideas? Go to instagram for inspiration. Search doodles, characters, halloween and so on, so much inspiration, advice and tips at your fingertips.

Then take the colours you have chosen from your pack of pens and paint over the fluid and cover the paper. Try blending 3 or more colours together to add that extra dimension. Simply paint/draw a section of colour with each colour pen. Then take your water blending brush and blend them all together. Make sure you use colours that work together, like you see below.

stay spooky halloween rainbow art

Now for the most important bit that can make or break this piece. Allow the paper to dry before peeling off the masking tape. You do not want to ruin your awesome artwork by prematurely peeling it off and ripping the paper. You are welcome to use a hair dryer if you are too excited to see the finished product. Use your finger or an eraser to gently peel it off.

Now you should have your finished art piece and your spooky or not-so-spooky-cute character will magically appear!

Now add those finishing touches. Kiki threw on some extra water to make those patches, which looks kinda ink-y and adds another dimension to the piece. Use other pens to add dots or stars or whatever else works with your theme.

Most importantly, play around and don't be scared, if you mess this first one up, you can simply try again!!!

stay spooky halloween art with life of colour watercolour pens

Thank you our dear friend Quianna for constantly inspiring us with your exceptionally beautiful and unique art!

Halloween Doodle Videos

Here are a couple of videos from our friend Laura Moraiti who has made some really easy to follow videos for some fun halloween bookmarks using her Life of Colour pens. Watch below and then follow in your own time.

Materials used: Life of Colour Watercolour Brush Pens

Mixed Media Paper cut into your size of choice

People may think I am totally crazy, but I think these would be such a cute addition to a trick or treat bag. I mean, not everything has to be about the candy does it? Trick those kids with some fun, useful Halloween art on the day and chuck it into their bags instead of a candy.

Here are a couple of ideas below, a fun and colourful pumpkin, and a ghosty, skeleton bookmark - too keep all year round! Laura's drawings are very simple yet they always look so great when complete.

Halloween Lettering Fun

We always get very excited when the awesome @chrystalizabeth takes out her Life of Colour pens and makes some magic with them. Chrystal is one of the finest lettering artists I have seen, and she has her own book, Brush Lettering Made Simple. I have no tips, no tricks, other than telling you to follow her on Instagram and marvel at her incredible brush lettering, and then buy her book and try out this incredible art. I am completely humbled by the fact that such a great artists uses my pens! Thanks Chrystal. Below is her "Grim" Lettering piece for Halloween.

"grim" halloween Brush Lettering with life of colour pens

Halloween Bujo fun

Kara from @bujoandblooms is one of our ambassadors for Life of Colour Pens and she is a Bujo enthusiast and champion doodler. Here are some of her halloween spreads using our Life of Colour Pens. These pens are great for doodling and lettering in your journal because they do not bleed through your paper if you are using a good quality journal. We have had feedback from hundreds of Bujo-ers (is that what we call them?) about our pens and they all highly recommend them as a great companion to their bullet journals. Have some fun and add colour to your spreads.

How cute are her Halloween doodles?

hey bootiful doodle for life of colour halloween

halloween bujo

Halloween Rocks

I am sure other people in the rock painting community must have thought of this idea already, but wouldn't it be so cool if you could put a few painted rocks in kids lolly bags instead of more lollies. Not saying we need to fill their bags with rocks only, but imagine finding some beautiful memorable rocks in your bag which you can keep forever!? A few kids knocking on my door will certainly be getting that surprise this year. 


There you have it, our choice of Halloween art inspiration for this year. Whether you are a beginner or an artist, child or adult, you can do any one of these activities. And yes, you may not be as good as these guys on the day you first pick up a pen, but with time, you will improve. Use the holidays and different celebrations to inspire you to create something.

If you don't yet have your set of Life of Colour pens, please visit our store and get a set, and start creating today!


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