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Hand or Brush Lettering

The Art of Hand Lettering or Calligraphy is an ancient art form, and one that has taken the modern art world by storm, because of its beautiful depth and connection between art and words. The style of letters become an art form that can evoke deep emotions and nostalgia - happiness, joy and love.

It is impossible to ignore the surge of art, hand or brush lettering that is around today. It has got a resurgence from both designers, and non-designer wannabe artists like me. (My first attempt in the world of brush lettering is the picture below this blog, not bad isn't it?) To be able to write beautifully and to use that art to as a gift, a sign, a note, a book cover, a logo, a framed picture on your wall, is very satisfying.

I am here to show you, you do not have to be a trained calligraphy artist to do this. With just a few lessons (which I will share with you in this blog) you can get started and create something beautiful and meaningful.

All you need to start is a set of Life of Colour Watercolor Brush Pens, easy erasable pencil, eraser, good quality paper, a ruler, a drawing compass and a good ink pen. And of course, some inspiration. Here are some incredible lettering artists to follow on Instagram. 




You do not have to enrol do a paid course to become an expert, there are some very generous people out there on the world wide web who have made their lessons free and available to the public. The best thing for you to do is to learn the basics. This tutorial on Lettering Dailyis everything you need to learn the basics. Once you have completed that, there are other lessons to follow to deepen your skills, if you love it!

Or, if you do not want to go too far, there is nothing wrong with just a bit of hand lettering doodling, like I did below.

The most important thing, and what I am here to teach you, is to love what you do! Feel inspired, be creative, and do what makes you happy. If you only get a couple of hours a week to be creative and do something that you enjoy, then make it count. Hand Lettering is really one of those rewarding art forms that can't be compared to anything else. For me it is the most practical art form, and one that I personally, will keep working at.

Brush Lettering with Life of Colour Brush Pens

If you are looking to be inspired visit our instagram page @lifeofcolour.pens to see some incredible hand lettering pieces with our Watercolour Brush Pens. 

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