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Kids Playdate Mystery Box


Thank you for purchasing one of Kids Playdate Mystery boxes. We hope that this is the start of a beautiful journey of creating and colour. Life of Colour is all about spreading colour, creativity and joy.

We have created a few activities for you to keep the kids entertained during their play date together and we hope that you enjoy the art journey.

Note to Parents/Carer

We have put the following art activities together for you, please make photocopies and enlarge the Mandala image to A3 if you would like a larger Mandala creation, provide the children/participants  so they can enjoy the fun together!

You will find almost everything (add some scissors, glue and string) that you need in your Mystery Box along with the simple instructions with each activity.

Here a some examples of what can be created using the instruction sheet.


Chalk Mandala

Aussie Dot Animals

Mosaic Heart

Zebra Finger Puppet


Jungle Collage


Step One: Enlarge the image to A3 for a larger sized mandala or use the A4 and tape the image on the inside of a window.
Step Two: Take your chalk pens and head outside to the other side of the window and trace over the mandala using the chalk pens.

Zebra Finger Puppet

Step One: Carefully cut out the Zebra shape and black finger dot spaces and paste it onto a piece of cardboard.

Step Two: Draw the black Zebra stripes onto the Zebra body and add a cute Zebra face.

Step Three: Glue pieces of black string or black coloured strips of paper onto the tail and mane.

Aussie Dot Animals and Map

Step One: Use your Dot pens to creatively decorate the animals and map of Australia.


Jungle Collage Picture

Step One: Use the jungle picture as inspiration to draw your own jungle picture and cut and paste pieces of jungle that have been coloured with the Gouache Stix onto a new piece of paper. 

Mosaic Heart

Step One: Make the Heart colourful in each section using a variety of the Watercolour Brush pens.

Step Two: Use a hot glue gun or black coloured glue to go over the heart lines to make everything stand out.

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