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3 wood slice crafts for teens

If you haven't been amazed at teens making art on TikTok, have you been on the internet? Bringing crafty back into the table makes us very happy! Life of Colour is very proud to have an amazingly talented and creative group of teens that share the artsy vibes with the community, today we introduce you to Jaz and Bea who'll take you on a wood slice spree to revamp your room!

First: get your 24 pcs wood slices here (and grab some paint pens while you're at it)

Harry Styles “Fine line” album cover wood slice

Any of your teens a Harry Styles fan? This awesome wood slice was made by 13-year-old Jaz (@_super_aesthetic, mum @scrapadills)

Get inspired by Harry's album "Fine Line" and make a fun wood slice hanger for your room.

Step 1: Grab the pink and pastel blue from the Special Colours and paint the album cover background - pink cieling and floor and pastel walls... Follow the fish eye perspective.

Step 2: Use white to make Harry's iconic pants, and hot pink for his shirt. Use beige for the skin - don't forget to add hair! Since the space is limited, don't worry about the level of details.

Step 3: Add the hand in black leather glove that's peeking through the bottom

Step 4: Use your white pens (1mm and 3mm) to add highlights to your wood slice

Aesthetic realistic eye

17-year-old Bea (@cnncinnity) shows you how to make this colourful realistic aesthetic eye using your paint pens! Rainbow and holographic colour combos are all the rage on TikTok, so buckle up and make your own

Step 1: Sketch a realistic eye on your wood slice. You can use a photo as reference to make sure you don't miss any eye bits

Step 2: Grab all the colours you love, Bea here used all her contrasting pastels, and start making lines that follow the volume around the eye. Think of it as how you'd apply makeup on a face, following the eye socket, eyebrows and nose

Step 3: Start packing colour into the iris by combining different blues, teals and lilacs with a dotting techique to blend them up a bit. 

Step 4: Fill in the pupil of the eye in black and add some highlights in white.

Step 5: Use your fine tip black pen to make a nice and dramatic winged eyeliner


Be happy pastel rainbow using stencils

Make a easy drawer hanger by combining your wood slices and stencils, we have 20 different sheets combined into two sets for those days when you want to be creative and not think about drawing something from scratch.

This cute drawer decor piece was made by Jaz (13 years old).

Step 1: Grab the rainbow stencil shape and fill 3 or 4 rainbow lines using pinks and yellows. Fill the clouds with white

Step 2: Use the "HAPPY" stencil shape that's exactly below the rainbow (handy, huh) and fill it in with black. Letter the word "Be" to complete the phrase 

Step 3: Line it all up with your black 1mm paint pen

Step 4: Add white highlights using your 1mm white paint pen

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