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Love Nature Boards Part 2 - Bundle of 3
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Love Nature Boards Part 2 - Bundle of 3

Introducing the Life of Colour Love Nature Boards Kit - Bundle of 3 (Part 2) with Floral Brush Tips

 Kit Includes:

  • 3 x 30cm shaped and engraved boards (3mm Australian MDF)*
  • 16 Floral Colour Acrylic Brush Tip Paint Pens
  • Colour by number guide (online)

Elevate Your Artistic Journey with the Life of Colour Love Nature Trio - Part 2!

🐝 Bee Brilliance: Dive into the industrious world of bees with our 30cm Bee Brilliance Board. Utilize your acrylic paint pens to bring to life the meticulous and vibrant essence of a bee on a hive. As you paint, let the buzz of creativity fill your space, transforming this board into a buzzing masterpiece that celebrates the vital role of bees in nature.

🌈 Rainbow Radiance: Paint a spectrum of possibilities on our 30cm Rainbow Radiance Board. With your colourful acrylic paint pens, you can create a radiant display that mirrors the joy and diversity of a rainbow. This board is an invitation to explore color in its most vibrant form, making every painting session an uplifting experience.

🌸 Lotus Luminance: Embark on a journey of tranquility with our 30cm Lotus Luminance Board. Using your acrylic paint pens, capture the serene beauty of a lotus flower. This board offers a peaceful canvas for you to create a symbol of purity and enlightenment, perfect for adding a touch of calm and reflection to your creative endeavors.

Functional and Impressive: Once your boards are complete we suggest hanging them up on your wall and showing off your skills. Simply add some double sided tape or Bluetak to the back and arrange them in a group to hang them. Alternatively you can frame them or display them individually to add colour around your home.

Portable and mess free: the boards are a handy size so you can take them with you wherever you go. Create while waiting in the car lines at school, at the beach or on the couch, they allow for you to be creative anytime, anywhere! 

Mindful and precise: The boards give you the time and space to be both creative and mindful. By colouring in the precise lines, you are able to focus your attention very carefully on your task, blocking out the rest of the world and simply enjoying some quiet time to yourself. 

* The Boards measure 30cm at their widest and are not 30cm all round 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Wendy Stafford

    Great picture love the style love th them so much thanks it make me feel good when doing them

    Leanne James
    Beautiful New Creativity Project

    I bought this for my Mum as she loves doing colouring books and painting by numbers etc. She is delighted as she can freelance her colouring and the pieces are nice and big for her older eyes to keep inside the lines. I look forward to seeing the finished product of her first project.

    Mary Gonis
    Love Nature Boards

    In love with them

    Great product

    I bought these for my mum who is in residential care. It has been great for her fine motor skills plus the bonus of something she loves doing.

    Gabriele Nicholls
    And The Bees Have It

    So much fun, loved every minute, got advice from LOC community with honeycomb, and added a few last minute touches then sealed with a semi gloss, hubby said it’s his favourite so far, well now to my next project, the butterfly 🦋😻

    Hi there! We're thrilled to hear that you had a blast with our Love Nature Boards Part 2 bundle. It's great that you were able to get some advice from our LOC community and add your own personal touches. We're also happy to hear that your husband loved the finished product. Can't wait to see your next project with the butterfly design! Keep on creating!

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