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Relaxing and mindful watercolour art on sheet music

We were so inspired by our Life of Colour art group member Clare Parker’s use of Life of Colour watercolour brush pens and her mindfulness art painted upon sheets of music that we wanted to share it with the world!

Clare's pieces are full of emotion and are a source of inspiration for us because they encourage mindfulness and flowing with art as a way of relaxing!

Pictures and art courtesy of Clare Parker

If you are not yet part of the Life of Colour art group we highly suggest joining because you get to see the extraordinary quality of other people’s art!

Mindful painting

The act of making a painting or participating in art, for many people, is a form of therapeutic meditation. Some famous artists are said to be in a trance like state whilst painting, elevating their mind and soul to another realm.

We encourage all of our Mothers, Fathers and carers who have been working hard to homeschool and care for children to take a moment of the day for themselves by picking up some Life of Colour art supplies and painting something special.

The act of painting a piece of art doesn’t need to be completed quickly nor a long period of time - time becomes irrelevant when you are treating it as an enjoyable moment rather than a task.

And quite honestly it was a different experience using the sheet music as a painting medium... for some reason it was just so calming and once we started we couldn’t stop!

The beauty of art therapy is that you are not limited to one particular painting resource - however you are feeling in the moment will lead you to the right resource. In essence just allow your art to flow!

If you do need a little kickstart we have a simple Autumn scene that has been painted using a mixed media of Life of Colour watercolour brush pens and acrylic paint markers.

Download your sheet music printable and start painting- we guarantee you will be hooked!!


Lady of Autumn

Step one: Add a splash of colour with your Life of colour watercolour brush pens using a mixture of orange and yellow (these colours best represent Autumn)

Step two: Place some overhanging branches with a 3mm black Life of Colour acrylic paint pen, once you have your branches in position add leaves in alternate sides to create a leafy looking branch.

Step three: On the other side of the page in the area you have placed some yellow and orange, add an old style street lamp.

Step four: To tie in the old style of this painting, create a silhouette of a lady in a gown. For the train of the dress place some dots and keynotes spraying into the air to make the dress appear to disappear onto the sheet music.

Autumn scene

Step one: Using the brown watercolour brush pen we painted some branches leaning into the centre of the page. Allow the pen to roll fluidly across the page finishing with a flick of the tip to create the narrow branch ending .

Step two: Add some leaf matter to the top of the branches using the Life of Colour acrylic paint pens. The colours you choose will suit your current mood- we were feeling warm and so Autumn colours were very fitting.

Step three: Touch up the leaves with an added layer of yellow and add some black detailing along the branches of the trees.

Download your printable sheet music here.

Art is a natural way to practice mindfulness. The colours and textures of creating pull us into the moment. No training is necessary to meditate through painting art, just harness the willingness to draw like a child, with freedom, exploration and a sense of wonder.

Purchase yourself some high quality art supplies from Life of Colour with the availability of easy payment options such as Afterpay, free shipping Australia wide and only $6 postage for New Zealand.

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