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How to make a Bookmark with Watercolour Brush Pens

Hey guys, today I bring to you a tutorial of how to make your own bookmarks with your watercolour pens.

Sometimes we need that push to read. I have seen that when we have a nice quote that reminds us to read we do it, as a fact that’s what helps my daughters to jump into a book.

So what about if we put a quote in a bookmark that will inspire you to read? 

Here I have created these bookmarks for you to create :)


What you will need is :

  • watercolour pens (you can get our 20 colour set, comes with a water brush)
  • brush / water brush
  • kitchen paper
  • a glass with water
  • washitape/tape
  • fine liner
  • a 2” inch piece of watercolour paper or mix media paper ( this will help to blend the colours ) for the long of the book you want to put your bookmark
  • laminator machine and laminate sheet (optional) OR contact paper

So let’s start!!! Read the step by step and Watch the video on how to make these amazing laminated watercolour bookmarks with quotes!

Cut your paper

First you need to cut your paper into the desired size, in this case I made it 2” inches by 9” inches.

Then put your paper on a surface that is plastic or that you don’t have a problem painting over or getting wet.

Frame with washi tape

Once you have your paper there, use the washitape to frame it and to stop the paper from curving with the water.

Use your Life of Colour watercolour brush pens

With your watercolour pens draw on the paper in different directions, you can choose your own favourite colours. Remember to use colours that work together. 

Then take your brush and soak it with water, brush on top of the colours so they can blend, the water will do the magic. You can also use the water brush provided in the watercolour brush pen set - whatever your preference they both do the same thing. 

Now that you blended the colours, let it dry or use a hot gun or hair dryer to dry it out so we can continue with a cool technique.

Once the blended colours are dry, take your brush and soak it again with water, but this time you will not go over the paper. Here all you do is tap the soaked brush over your dried blended colours to create some splashes on the paper, don’t brush over them. Once it dries it will make a bleach splat effect. 

Before moving on to the next step make sure the art piece you just created is completely dry as using pencil or pen while it’s still a little damp may cause the paper to pierce.

You can frame it with a fine liner or a pen, this is up to you and your design.

How is it looking, isn't it gorgeous?

Letter your quote

Now that it’s dry let’s write our quote! You can choose to leave it like that if you want, but in this case I will put a quote.

I always use a pencil first just in case I need to erase for any reason.

Once you are happy with your quote then take a pen, brush pen or marker to go on top of the quote that you just wrote. If you do not know how to do hand lettering do not worry, any kind of text will do - bubble writing, block writing - whatever you are comfortable with. Or draw a little picture. 

Laminate your bookmark

Now we are going to laminate the bookmark, laminating the bookmark will make it last a lot longer. As an alternative you can get contact paper and cover it on both sides. 

Run it through the machine, cut the edge and if you have a corner rounder use it to take away the pointy edges.

Once you have it like this run it one more time through the machine, this will help all the edges to close properly.

You are done!!! 

If you want you can punch a hole so you can put an embellishment or, like in my case I put a ribbon bow. 

Here's a video with all the steps, you will see that I made two more so you can have more ideas.

I can’t wait to see what you can make, this is so much fun.

If you like this idea leave us a comment, don’t hesitate on sending me a message on my Instagram @lettering_our_world if you have any questions.

And remember to show us your work by tagging @lifeofcolour.pens or  @lettering_our_world, I would love to see what you have created!

1 Response

Xiaojing Dang

Xiaojing Dang

April 02, 2022

I have received my package today with water colour pen kit, i have a question, how to fill water as the instructions says unscrew the top of brush, does this mean the little cap on the top of pen( dome-shaped cap, cant not be moved actually)
could you assist this situation?

thank you for your time!
kind regards


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