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Ultimate guide to Juicy Gel Pens

Life of Colour Juicy Gel Pens are here!!! Proudly introducing to you the brand-new addition to our colourful family of playful art supplies. The set comes with 5 palettes - 48 colours to choose from (glitter, pastel, metallic, classic and neon), all stored in a handy carry box.

Each pen holds 7x times more ink than regular pens, this is a high quality set that will become your new creative staple.


Our Juicy Gel Pens can be used for journal entries, colouring books, doodling and basically all of your penmanship tasks.

We will show you some handy tips, techniques and skills that may spark interest and help you get the most out of the Juicy Gel Pens.


Getting started with your Juicy Gel Pens

When choosing the paper medium to draw upon, it is important to good quality paper that is thick and smooth. The same applies for adult colouring books. The smooth surfaces will allow you to create layers, blend and even paint using a damp brush.

For storage, we have created the ultimate storage box for you to safely keep your gel pens and carry them anywhere!

Basic gel pen techniques to try

The Life of Colour Juicy Gel Pens will brighten up your journal entries, colouring pages, cartoon drawings and simply make colouring in fun again.

Get adventurous and try out different colouring techniques to fill in solid areas with colour.

1- Hatching
Colouring in lines in one direction across the page.

2- Cross Hatching
Colouring in lines that create a grid pattern.

3- Stippling
Making patterns of tiny dots, the closer together, the darker the area will become.

4- Circular patterns
Drawing different sized circles close together to fill an area with colour.

5- Doodled lines
Draw a continuous line that folds around backwards and forwards to colour the page.

6- Interwoven Textures
Similar to basket weave patterns, make sets of lines in groups of about three then change the direction and repeat.

7- Dotted lines
Draw sets of dashes heading in the same direction until the area is coloured.

8- Loops and circles
Lines spiralling across the page.

Blending with Gel pens

There are two methods that are effective using the Juicy Gel Pens. Dry blending and wet blending. The dry blending method occurs when you wait for the gel pen to dry before blending in the next colour, and the wet blending method is achieved when the two colour are blended together whilst both are wet.

Dry blending
Blending colours together is always something that requires practice, but the end results are quite impressive! Simply fill an area with a solid colour and wait for it to dry before adding the next colour over the top. For example, the dragon's back is yellow which adjoins to orange -the yellow was blended over the top of the dry orange to achieve a blend.

Wet blending
For this method, move quickly whilst the first pen colour is still damp and add the second colour into it. This method is more successful if you are trying to add depth to the edges of your art, as seen in the hanging lamps. Once the layers are dry, you can tweak the colour appearance with another layer.

Painting with your Juicy Gel Pens

The versatility of these pens is unbelievable! I was amazed to find that you can paint with your gel pens. Simply place some colour down on the edge of your picture, then blend with a paintbrush and drag the colour, so it fades. Make sure to use only a small amount of water and good quality paper to avoid buckling.

Alternatively, you can also wet a small area and watch the gel pen colour bleed into the area. It’s a fascinating process.

Layering with other art supplies

Adding even more layers to your scrapbooking with the Life of Colour Juicy Gel Pens is so effective. The fantastically fine tips get into the most miniscule of spaces and the results are totally awesome.

Simply take a finished piece of work and fire away! We used a scrapbook page that was filled with creamy Silky Stix flowers and added lines of cursive writing and filled white spaces between our dual pen doodling to make this scrapbook page complete!

Easy gradients with Gel pens

Your diary entries will have an extra zing when you start drawing with this ultra cool gradient effect. To get started, choose a few colours that graduate from dark to light on the spectrum.

We chose a pink and purple to show the simplicity of the gradient effect, but you could add more colours!

Draw your design in the lighter colour and then take the darker colour and in areas draw over the top of the lighter colour to blend them together!


Some ideas for you to try as soon as you receive your pens:

Grab an Adult colouring book

If you're not usually a fan of adult colouring books, you won't be able to stop with the excellent results that you'll be achieving with the Juicy Gel Pens.

The intricate designs in adult colouring books are perfect for mindful colouring using your Juicy Gel Pens.

Enjoy the endless colour combinations with 48 colour to choose from. In this design we combined gold gilded edges with pretty pastels and a dash of neons.

Graphic design with bold lines

The Life of Colour Juicy Gel pens are a graphic designer's dream with the ability to sketch up designs that can be transferred over to digital images.

The colours are so bold and smooth that they will be easily used once computerised.

For our graphic design, we chose a circular wave logo design and added hints of aqua colour to give a striking appearance. Lines were made bold with a few extra layers, and all that is left is to scan the layer and apply digital technologies!

Cartoonist and character creations

A cartoonist often uses high quality art supplies to complete drawings quickly and effectively. The Juicy Gel Pens fit the description perfectly.

Sketch a simple cartoon character on a page with a surrounding scene, and then use the gel pens to add fun hints of colour everywhere!

Full on Glitter Fun

The Life of Colour Juicy Gel Pens offer a set of glitter pens that make creating a display of glitter that sparkles with fun.

We created a shimmery hummingbird to showcase the power of the gel glitter pens. The shine that is created will impress anyone that sees your art!

Mandala art on black paper

We saved the most impressive piece for last! Using the Juicy Gel pens on black paper is so effective that it gives a 3D element to the artwork

The pens are perfect for using mandala stencils to create mindful art that helps balance and brings you a sense of peace and tranquillity.

If you are talented enough to get your creative flow and complete a mandala freehand you will be equally impressed with the results!

Mandala by Jessy Dalglish

Extra Handy Tips

Tip 1: Test your pen on a piece of paper first to get it activated and test if the colour suits your artwork.
Tip 2: Start by working in small areas with light pressure.
Tip 3: Make mindful art and take your time to do so.
Tip 4: Allow ink to dry to avoid smudges.
Tip 5: Keep pens stored in the box provided, away from harsh elements.
Tip 6: Don’t tap or shake your pens, you can roll them in between your hands to create mild heat.
Tip 7: Have fun and create!

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Gay burge

Gay burge

October 20, 2022

I want to know if these pens work on silk thanks Gay

Toni Danson

Toni Danson

August 19, 2022

Fabulous examples and ideas which I am hoping to try and apply.I began by doing the colouring techniques mentioned here.It was so relaxing.Thankyou

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