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DIY Harry Potter wood slice ornaments

Art made by aussie artist Daphne @scrapadills

You'll only need wood slices and paint pens to make this wizarding craft! Start with Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Albus Dumbledore and make your way into the entire collection of witches and wizards!

Harry Potter wood slice ornament step by step DIY craft

How about a double sided Professor McGonagal, shifting from her human form into a cat?

We want to see your fantastic creations, so make sure to join the group and share them with us!

Step 1

Begin by priming your wood slice with cheap white acrylic paint, the colours will come out brighter with only one coat.

You can get handy 24pcs wood slices pack in our shop - Life of Colour wood circles are made of natural pine wood with bark edges. (around 7.5cm diameter and 5mm thick). Our wood slices come with twine, ready to be turned into cute ornaments.

Harry Potter Ornaments step by step | Step 1

Step 2

Draw the basic features of your favourite Harry Potter characters, we are going to be making Harry, of course, his best friend Ron Weasley and Hogwarts school principal, Albus Dumbledore.

Harry Potter Ornaments step by step | Step 2

  • Harry Potter: Sketch his hairline, the famous pair of round glasses and a space below for the striped Gryffindor scarf
  • Ron Weasley: Leave the same space for the scarf than Harry's, make a shaggy hairline and leave space for freckles below the eyes
  • Dumbledore: Top part of the head will be covered by the blue hat, then sketch the eyes and glasses and draw the hair on the sides and his beard.

Step 3

Gather your paint pens and paint the base shapes. For Harry Potter we chose red, yellow, black and beige (from the Classic and Special Colours set, get them both in a discount bundle with free shipping to Australia).

We'll be using almost the same palette for Ron, swapping the black for orange. Dumbledore needs a bright blue for his wizard's hat (both orange and blue can be found in the Classics & Special Colours).

Harry Potter Ornaments step by step | Step 3

Step 4

Go over the face features with a pencil once again so you can see them clearer.

Now, go in with the fine point black paint pen and paint the eyes, glasses and freckles! You can choose to use grey for the glasses and brown for the freckles too, also contained in the mentioned paint pen sets.

Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Ron Weasley Ornaments step by step

Step 5

Protect your Harry Potter themed wood slices with a wood sealant and pass the twine through the hole in the wood slice.

Excited to make more wood slice crafts? Keep going!

Are you looking for wood slice inspiration for your next project? Look no further, this is a collection of fantastic wood slice ideas made by talented artists. From decoupage to holiday ornaments, get your hands inspired for your next crafting session!

If you still don't have wood slices, you can get a set of 24 natural wood slices and get started, grab a few paint pens or stencils and the shipping is free in Australia (over $40). We also ship to New Zealand, so you can order your craft supplies without leaving your home.

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