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Colourful art ideas to make your old phone case shine

In this short blog we'll cover the basics for making art on your cellphone case! Grab your Life of Colour paint pens and make your old and weathered case shine again

Your phone case has seen better days? with Life of Colour paint pens that's very easy to fix!

First of all, clean your case using a soft cloth and a soapy water. Dry. If it's glossy or already painted on, be sure to prime the case before painting.

Photo by Federico Viticci from Macstories 

Find a design you like and pick the colours you'll be using. Here are some ideas:

@its_artsy_ella made her own version of Kermit the frog, a rainbow and butterflies using our Classics on a transparent case, the grey background is the colour of the phone.

This amazing surf scene has all the pastel and vibrant shades in our Special Colours palette, with a bit of metallic shine for details. @its_artsy_ella used a dry brush and white acrylic to make the spotted effect for the clouds

Another dreamy beach scene with black silhouettes painted by Samantha Dorahy. She used the 3mm pens to make the gradient background, adding a touch of glitter pink to make it sparkle!

To finish off your new case, and make sure its protected, use your sealant of choice. We always recommend matte finish so it looks silky and smooth!

Happy painting!

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