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Shimmer fun

This weekend we are celebrating our classics and glitters. Here are some fun ways to use our metallic and glitter paint pens for your art projects.

Shine with Life of Colour Glitter and Metallic paint pens, or how we love to call it, the Shimmer Fun Bundle!

Standing out with a little shine (or a lot!!) is easy with our Shimmer paint pens, 1mm set of Metallics and 3mm Glitters

Art is without doubt an impressive way to express and convey your feelings, personality and artistic ability to create a splendid masterpiece! 

However, you do require the presence of the quality tools to achieve the right results otherwise all your efforts can be in vain. Life of colour is here to solve this problem, as we provide high-quality artist supplies at affordable prices.

Rock Painting 

Our glitters and metallics have a shine and shimmer, where our classics have a matte finish. Give your rocks that extra shine and glitter with this pack. You can also use them to go over your base colours purely to make them shimmer. 

Take a look at this easy bee rock using only the shimmer colours.

An adorable pastel unicorn gets their magic with some glitter shimmer! (Art by Shari Champan)

Make a shimmery rock for a friend or family and surprise them with a bundle of colour and glitter! (Art by Kala Chand)

Learn how to paint a shimmery peacock on a rock. The peacock is a commonly depicted bird in the world of art. It can be found on flags, canvas masterpieces, decorative garden ornaments, wall batiks and stones!

With its massive beautiful tail feathers and iridescent colours from head to claw, this bird has long been fanciful eye candy to its human observers.

Here are a few more ideas...

Revamp your Shoes with glitter pens

These shoes were made with our glitter pens, take a close look and you'll se them sparkle! We hear all the time "Do paint pens work on shoes?" yes they do!


Metallic and Glitter pens for Paper and Canvas

Our glitters and metallics shine beautifully on paper and canvas surfaces. Like this amazing moon made using the glitter silver and the watercolour brush pens from our collection!

glitter shine

 Get inspired with these 7 Fun projects to do with Metallic Shimmer Paint Pens

We show you 7 different projects to DIY with metallic paint pens. Life of Colour metallics are highly pigmented water-based art pens filled with shimmering, shining metallic acrylic paint, for use on any surface. Incredible on dark or black surfaces! See how the colours shine like jewels and get started on your next project!

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