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Shimmer fun

This weekend we are celebrating our classics and glitters. Here are some fun ways to use our metallic and glitter paint pens for your art projects.

Rock Painting 

Our glitters and metallics have a shine and shimmer, where our classics have a matte finish. Give your rocks that extra shine and glitter with this pack. You can also use them to go over your base colours purely to make them shimmer. 

Take a look at this easy bee rock using only the shimmer colours.

Here are a few more ideas...


These shoes were made with our glitter pens. Up close they really do sparkle! 


Paper and Canvas

Our glitters shine the most on paper. Take a look at this glitter moon done with our silver glitter pen (and watercolour brush pens) 

glitter shine


Everyone loves a bit of sparkle and shine! Add a little more to your life with this Shimmer pack that is on sale this weekend! 

From $72 to $59.85


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