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Rock Painting basics

For anyone who is new to the concept of Rock Painting, I will give you a quick background, and then get into the details of how to paint rocks...and why!

The Kindness Rocks Project is an initiative which has taken the world by storm.

The idea is to paint some rocks, hide them in nature, and know that someone will find them. The rocks are for spreading messages of kindness, encouragement or colour, which you know will put a smile on the finders faces.

The benefits of this hobby is to get yourself and your kids creative, outdoors and inspired. It is an all-in-one perfect activity for all ages. It gets the kids out the house and off their devices, it is something for the whole family to do together, it inspires people of all ages to use their creativity and it spreads kindness and happiness. It is everything that Life of Colour embraces. 

Another benefit of rock painting is that it is a way to get your kids art off paper, and onto something more "functional"

If you follow my instructions your rock art will be hardy and long lasting, and you can create a fun rock garden to store these rocks for years to come. I personally have no more space left in my house for the thousands of pieces of paper my kids have drawn or painted on. Some may go on the wall, but most end up in a box and then what? In the recycle bin 😕 At least with the rocks, they can keep something out the box and on show for all to see. Not all rocks need to be given away, remember that!

Here is my step by step guide on the best way to paint rocks to keep them solid, shiny and weatherproof. 

Step 1: Buy or find rocks

I went to Bunnings (or any local gardening, landscaping or hardware shop) and bought unpolished garden rocks that look like this

rocks for painting

Step 2: Prime your rock with a primer. This evens out the surface of the rock and gives it a nice light background to paint on and make colours pop a bit more (helps with the application of the paint so the rock is not scratchy or bumpy) Please note here, you do not have to prime, but I prefer to and it makes my rocks look better.

primer  prime rock, spray a few cm away from rock. 1 coat is enoughprimed rock ready to paint

Step 3: Get out your awesome Life of Colour acrylic paint pens. Now of course I recommend paint pens because we make the paint pens, but you can also use acrylic paint with a paint brush. I prefer the pens because it is much easier to control a pen on such a small surface area. Also the paint pens allow you to have loads of colours in one small box (12 per box) and they are mess free and compact and the colours are awesome! 

Use the fine tip pen to draw out your picture. Tracing is allowed!! Find a cute picture on the internet and copy it, or simply do a cute heart or rainbow. You really do not have to be an artist to do this! 

use the fine tip paint pen to draw on your rock

Step 4: Add your colour

As mentioned above...Life of Colour Paint pens has loads of amazing colours to choose from. Classic, glitter and metallic...go totally mad! 

Life of Colour paint pens collection

colour in your drawing

Step 5: Seal your work with a nice satin finish.

This sealer will weatherproof your artwork with a nice smooth and shiny satin finish. It is not as thick as a varnish (which is 4 times thicker, but personally not as nice looking) Varnish will have a stronger level of protection, but I find this satin finish enough. (Resin is also an option, but now we are getting a bit more technical)

This will protect your rocks when hiding them out in nature and make it look shiny and glossy and like a real artwork. 

Now you will have something you and your kids can be really proud of. You can choose what you want to do with this rock. Give it to your kids teacher as a message of thanks, for a friends birthday instead of a card, in your home rock garden, or go out and hide it in the park and know that you are going to make someone very happy when they find it.

You can buy our entire set of paint pens and save with this bundle below. Or check our our shop for individual sets. 



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