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Our Favourite Creative Spaces

In a world that’s becoming more and more mobile, one can easily define the perfect creative space wherever they so please. The definition of a creative space is no longer defined by the walls of a studio, but is rather a reflection of the very essence of that which inspires you. Be it conventional or something outside the box, we took to our Life of Colour Community to see where they find their perfect creative space.

1. Where’s Your Head At

Sometimes it’s not about where we are physically but rather where we are mentally. Finding the perfect head space to create can be all that you need to start your artistic journey. As Crystal @Crystalmclainarts claims, “ the real creation space is in my head. That’s where it all begins. My best ideas come during the absolutely worst times and places; in the shower, on the treadmill, hiking, paddling. Terrible. The good news is, when I’m in a creative slump, I just move my booty.”Crystal likes to make sure that she makes the most of her time by using her head space to create wherever she is…”my favorite creative spaces are actually public. In notebooks at coffee shops, on napkins in bars, in the sand at the beach, stacking stones in the woods.” She generally splits her creation into two specific areas.“During my regular 9-5 gig as a massage therapist, I utilize my free moments working on the digital pieces of what I do. Editing, formatting, etc. all happens in my Massage office. But nights and weekends I move it upstairs in the small guest room. Wedged between a bookshelf and a treadmill, a small folding table covered in paints and inks sits under a window. That’s where the physical creations happen.”

Creative space

2. Just Roll with It

When using your Watercolor Brush Pensto create the perfect art lettering or bullet journaling masterpiece, apparatus might just be the thing that most defines your creative space! Tracy @tracysbujo isn’t so much worried about whether she creates at her kitchen table or her couch but rather that she has the perfect ensemble of creative tools needed for her masterpiece. “I have a rolling cart loaded with everything I need so I can just roll it wherever I feel like working on my journal at that time.”

Bullet Journal


3. Home is Where the Heart is

Lulu @lululab doesn’t need to leave the comfort of her own home to find the perfect creative space, she loves to create “At home- where all the art supplies are!”.Likewise another advocator for our Life of Color community, Himani @pensomaniac let us know that she “usually works on the dining table or study table and that's how they serve the dual purpose of being both a study space and creative space as well. “

watercolour bookmark by @pensomaniac

Finding the perfect creative space at home seems to be a common theme with Janelle @deardaydreamalso stating“My favorite place to get creative is at my kitchen or coffee table while my husband is working at his desk (which is in the living room). My husband is also a creative person and designs 3D models. So while he's doing his thing, I spread out my drawing and painting supplies at either the kitchen or coffee table and get to dreaming.” Sometimes the best creative spaces are the simplest ones, closest to our hearts.

4. Let there be Light

There is scientific proof that exposure to natural light increases not just that good old feeling but also creative productivity. Elizabeth @jihielephant has the right idea when she talks about her ideal creative space - “there is a lot of natural light…If there is not a lot of natural light, my productivity lessens significantly as I draw a lot of my energy, particularly creative energy, from sunlight.”

Life of Colour swatch in journal

5. Creating the mood

Defining your creative space is not always about how it looks but more often about how it feels. Keeping this in mind, our creative space should embody things that inspire, calm, and nurture our creative spirit. Kiki @kikicustomartdoes just that when she designs her creative space with “…some favorite paintings, decorations and candles! Usually there is music or an audiobook playing while I paint or draw.”

Mood and space are also extremely important for Aashima @aashimacrearts – “I mostly create in my bedroom come study area. That's the space in my entire house that's entirely mine. The study has my favorite books, stationery supplies, motivational post its, etc. It's very personal to me and I feel the most at peace there. When I'm done for the day, I retire to that area. The night time is quiet and peaceful, which allows for me to focus on what I am creating.”

@kikicustomart surrounded by inspiring objects

6. More is More

While people tend to have a go-to creative space, it doesn’t mean you have to stop at just the one. Sometimes it can be good to have a couple of places that create the right atmosphere for you to tap your inner creativity. For example Haleigh @llbyhaleigh - “My favorite creative space is my desk at home. Once I sit down, I throw on my headphones and get to work. A close second is a cozy coffee shop.”

Be yourself lettering by @llbyhaleigh

In the Life of Color Community we thrive on the diversity of the creative spirit! Each person is unique on where they find the perfect space to create and explore their art with theirLife Of Color Watercolor Brush Pens.


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