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Do you know that feeling when you are so engrossed in something you are doing that everything else disappears, time passes and there is no future, no past, only the present? We have all felt that sense of time disappear when we lose ourselves in an activity we love. It can be while exercising, reading a great book, writing a blog or paper or working on something creative.

The opposite feeling is when we are doing something we really don't want to be doing. We check our phone every 2 minutes, watch the time, and get distracted by anything else other than our task at hand.

In my busy life of juggling many things, I have developed some form of Attention Deficit Disorder, and I can't seem to stay focussed on one task at a time. I work on about 5 things at once, and then my phone calls out to me and scrolling my Instagram feed, or someone Skype's me and I get into a conversation and forget what I was working on....and so it goes on.

When we flow and are concentrated on one task at hand without any distractions, our mind is in order.

One of the ways I have found this calming sense of flow is when I work on something fun, colourful and creative...like colouring-in. Those adult colouring-in books are amazing, as are mandalas. They are therapeutic and the world around you can disappear while working on them.

It is so important to find a hobby, away from work, life, chores, tv, eating...something you can get stuck into even if it is just once a week, something that will help you find that sense of flow.

Here is a download of a colouring book for you all to enjoy. Open it, print it, buy some yummy colourful art supplies, and try it out.

Enjoy the flow!

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