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Stacey Montford - Rock painting

Stacey is a busy mum of five children and runs her personal business called S.Monty’s Story Stones. She has been a Diploma trained childcare worker for a number of years. Her skills include sewing, painting, paper mache, scrapbooking, cardmaking and decoupage to name a few.

Tammy Klingner - Journaling

Tammy is a Colour Artist who creates unique Art Journaling pieces, also working as a School Support Officer. She runs a weekly Art Journaling Class with students from year 7-11 with a wellbeing focus. She also teaches live online art classes at retreats and within various Craft Communities. She has a personal blog where she include step by step tutorials regularly.

Vanessa Opazo - Lettering

Vanessa from Bondi Letters is a calligraphy and lettering artist. She creates handmade products featuring lettering and runs workshops where she teaches how to reconnect with people's creativity and intuition through calligraphy.

Jessy Dalglish - Art

Jessy is a self taught artist who, after finding strength to overcome post natal depression through her artistic journey, is passionate about sharing her art with the world. A mother of one, with a background in the military, her abstract work comes from within and is a very intuitive process.