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Easter ideas to make with your paint pens

Amazing Easter ideas by our beloved Life of Colour Art Group members!

Wooden figures

Use your paint pens to decorate Easter themed wooden figures, like a cute bunny, eggs or the word "Easter".

Art by: Bronwyn_Giblin

Easter corner

Make an assorted collection of Easter inspired rocks and set them up on a nice vignette as part of your home decor. Baby chicks, bunnies, baskets, carrots and eggs are all good ideas!

Art by: Samantha Dorahy


Egg hunt

Make a fun egg hunt collection by painting adorable bunnies collecting Easter eggs!

Art by: Casey Smith


Delicious chocolate

Give a little love to your favourite chocolate eggs by painting a copy of their packaging on rocks!


Art by: Samantha Dorahy

Easter tic-tac-toe

Take out your paint pens and make a fun game to play with the kids this Easter. Read all about the process in our blog post.

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