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Thank You - Inspiration from the community

Our Instagram Thank you challenge was emotional and so heartfelt that I have to share some of the best posts with you, and the reason I created this challenge in the first place.
I say it again and again and I will keep saying it, the Instagram lettering community is the most warm, caring and supportive community. It is everything that is right about social media. It brings together like minded people from around the world, who share a common interest, hobby or passion. Great friendships are made, "pen" pal relationships are created (just like in the old days) beginners have the support from experts, and so much love and inspiration is spread. Since launching my Watercolour Brush Pens, the first product under the Life of Colour Brand, I personally have made friendships with people I would never have expected when I opened my instagram account. I have had the opportunity to speak directly with my customers and see the work they created with my own product. Nothing gives me greater joy than when I see my product in the hands of these special people creating these lettering works of art.
It is because of this that I wanted to say Thank You to everyone I have met along the way so far. Customers, brand ambassadors and followers. So I created a Thank You Challenge. This challenge was to encourage any of my instagram followers to say thank you to someone else on Instagram, by creating a lettering piece dedicated to that person/people. Boy were there some beautiful posts. Please enjoy them below, and don't forget to read the captions.
thank you brush lettering by @theprettinessproject
@theprettinessproject writes, “at the risk of inflating her ego because a few others have thanked this same person, I am grateful for the support and encouragement and general fabulousness of @letteringbykaren who introduced me to life of colour pens and connected me with the lovely Jodi who then invited me to be an ambassador for her brand. I love that this community connects people from all over the world and is so positive and inspirational. Thank you Karen for being such a caring, funny, talented inspiration. You rock 💖”
thanks rainbow brush lettering by @letteredwithkare
This piece was done by @letteredwithkare. She states, “As we reach the end of 2018, I have to say a huge THANKS to the OGs in my life. I haven’t exactly made life easy for them, with all of my health issues and simultaneous stubbornness, especially in going to law school against all medical advice. I still have the bar and a few things to get through, but I have to thank them for all of their support. And for encouraging my lettering hobby, which has also kept me sane. Love you guys!”
thank you brush lettering by @naptimepress
@naptimepress says, “last night my husband and I stayed up late getting prepped for my first Naptime Press pop up. It’ll be at the retail shop we own (@rove_shop) on Saturday. Yikes. This was a last minute choice and I haven’t really gotten myself ready for it (merchandise, set up or mentally 🙈). But my husband believes in me and is working so hard to help me get ready. He’s helping digitize a few of my paintings to make cards and maybe even some gift tags. How exciting is that!?! So this “thank you” is for him. Thank you @blaketron for all of your help, encouragement and confidence. I love you a lot. 😽💖”
thanks brush lettering with life of colour pens by @letteringbykaren
@letteringbykaren writes, “This one is for you, @nacho_cheezin! I’m so thankful to have the most amazing best friend and sister! I don’t know what I’d do without you. Well, I guess I do. I’d probably laugh a lot less and text a lot less and have a lot less fun. Thanks for being you! 😘🙃👯‍♀️”
thanks you ow brush lettering by @kikicustomart with life of colour pens
@kikicustomart states, “So, who am I thankful for this year? Well- LOTS of people 🥰!!! This year has been amazing, even with the rough spots, it’s the best year I’ve had in a long time 💕!!! A huge part of that is thanks to YOU ALL 💖! The IG art community has changed my life for the better & I cherish the wonderful friendships I have made all over the world 🌏✨!!! Most of all I am grateful & beyond blessed to have a wonderful friend & art inspiration in @vanessa_paints_ 🌈! Vanessa, you work so hard, you contribute so much to this community + your friends & customers lives- you deserve to win an award for how amazing you are 🏆! Not to mention having the best handmade watercolors ever 🎨!!! I am so honored to be part of @thesproutcreative design team with you and our other lovely friends @love__lettered, @ariane_hope_ & @scribinggrace ❤️! So THANK YOU, VANESSA 🌈🎨🖌!”
thanks you lettering with florals by @subhashini.artfactory
@subhashini.artfactory made this beautiful piece and says, “Thank you 2018, you have been truly kind to me. And Thank you all for making it an incredible year with your support, encouragement and love. I’m so grateful to you all. Here is to a Happy 2019. 
thank you brush lettering by @thewispydiary
@thewispydiary writes, “Lettering has been my true passion for almost 2 years now, but I didn’t believe in myself enough to post my early works when I first started this creative journey. About a year ago, I joined a beginner lettering group on Facebook created by @lysstyler.letters and she (maybe unknowingly) gave me that little push to get myself out there. I am so grateful for her, because I wouldn’t be where I am now without her. This lettering community has been nothing less than phenomenal and I am incredibly humbled to call myself a part of it. So to every one of you who have had enough patience to answer my questions via DM, given me positive feedback when I’m being too hard on myself (something I struggle with when it comes to my work 😬 BUT I’m working on it!) or clicked that follow button to support my happy little art world, THANK YOU! And @lysstyler.letters I can’t thank you enough for giving me that little push I needed to get myself out there. I am truly SO grateful for you.”
Each contestant had to tag someone in their post that they wanted to say thank you to, and in the end all of those tagged got entered into a draw to win a set of Life of Colour Pens. We had 3 winners, 1 in USA, 1 in Singapore and 1 in the Philippines. This is what makes Life of Colour tick. Giving, diversity, colour and friendships. We will continue doing more of these giveaways so that we can continue to spread the love around the world, which is our ultimate goal with this fun and colourful brand!

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