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10 Simple Life of Colour UP-CYCLE Ideas For Creative Fun

10 Simple Life of Colour UP-CYCLE Ideas For Creative Fun

Getting started with Life of Colour? Here are 10 simple ideas to help you create fun up-cycled projects

Life of colour pens are  non-toxic, versatile, and accessible art supplies perfect for crafters of all ages. Unlike traditional paint, which requires pots, water, brushes and smocks- Life of Colour products are portable making it ideal and mess free for easy and quick projects. 

The flexible nature of Life of Colour paints means that you can create almost anything with them. However, if you’ve just started, you might be better off with beginners’ ideas to make the most out of your project. Here are 10 simple up-cycle ideas you can take on today!

1 - Mini planters 

Create adorable mini planters for your succulents or small plants. Use some old Terracotta pots or recycled bottles paint and smooth the surface clean and let it dry. Decorate with paint pens or keep it simple and natural for a rustic look.

2 - Personalized ornaments


Make unique decorations, such as Christmas tree ornaments, for holidays or special occasions. Recycle some old ornaments by painting them white or upcycle some Heart coasters and add a hole to hang them. After they dry, paint them with your favourite colours and add glittery chrome pens for extra sparkle. 

3 - Jewellery dishes 

Craft a simple and elegant dish to hold your rings and earrings. Use an old saucer or pot plant dish and paint it with your Life of Colour Brush pens.

Once it’s dry, you can add gold leaf / chrome pen accents for a touch of luxury. Optionally, you can create another style of dish, such as rectangular or even triangular. 

4 - Beaded necklaces 

Design your own beaded necklaces by decorating old wood beads. Use a piece of string for threading. After you paint the beads in various colours and string them onto a necklace cord for a custom piece of jewellery. As a tip, you can even turn these necklaces into a durable gift for a loved one.

5 - Keychains 

Make personalized keychains by shaping the tag into your desired form. Use paint pens to print designs, names or words. Add a small hole at the top for a keyring. Once the paint is dry, seal your keychain to protect it from wear and tear.

6 - Magnets 

Among the list of easy Life of Colour creations are magnets. Cut out fun shapes from stickers, such as hearts, stars, or animals. Attach a small magnet to the back, and paint them in vibrant colours to add a pop of personality to your kitchen. You can even make your own collection of unique magnets to brighten up your fridge.

7 - Coasters 

Craft a set of stylish coasters to protect your furniture. Use a set of Mini mandala circles. Use a textured object, like a piece of lace or a rubber stamp with Gouache stix, to create interesting patterns on the surface. Once dry, paint and seal them to make them water-resistant. Similarly, create candle holders for your candles and enjoy their scent around the house. 

8 - Pen Holders 

Organize your desk with a hand painted pen holder. Decorate a pot with paint pens and other embellishments to match your workspace aesthetic. These pen holders can double as pots or small vases for your succulents. 

9 - Figurines 

Create or paint small figurines or animals for decoration or play. Add base colours with Life of Colour paint pens and once they’re dry, paint them with details to bring your creations to life.

10 - Wall Hangings 

Mandala boards come in various forms, like Lotus flower and leaves, feathers, or geometric shapes, to design a unique wall hanging. Using string or wire, attach the crystal pieces to a Mandala. This will add a personalized and artistic touch to your home decor.

What tools do you need for Life of Colour projects?

To get started with a Life of Colour project, you will need supplies of acrylic paint pens. For beginners, it is recommended to follow some Life of Colour tutorials for the best results. After you’ve coloured your project, preserve your project by applying a layer ofgloss varnish (also known as a glaze) to keep it smooth and shiny. 

Did you know: There are experience kits available for from Life of Colour?

Finding all these tools and supplies can be difficult and time-consuming. A quicker alternative is to purchase aready- made experience kit which has all the tools you need to start your first Life of Colour  project instantly. 

Creating a suitable environment before you start is also important. Make sure you’re sitting in a well-lit, cluster-free spot. This increases your creativity level, which will help you gain more joy out of this activity. 

Tips for Working with Life of Colour

Keep: Pens should be stored flat and in their boxes for convenience of use.

Smooth surfaces: Use long smooth and fluid brush strokes.

Seal your work: Once your projects are fully dry, seal them with a clear varnish to protect them and give them a finished look.

Patience with drying: Allow plenty of time for your projects to dry completely, which can take 24-48 hours, depending on the layers of paint and sealer that you use.

Apply a base coat: Before you apply colour to your project, it’s best to cover it with a neutral white base coat. This makes sure that the colours painted can display your desired shade. 

Try Life of Colour today

With these simple Life of Colour ideas, you can explore your creativity and make beautiful, functional items with ease. Whether you’re crafting alone, with friends, or with kids, Life of Colour is a fun and rewarding medium to work with.

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