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Easy and fun ideas to get kids into rock painting

Keeping your children interested in the rock painting hobby is a priority, so we have some fun ideas to get them started!

TV shows and cartoons rocks

Some notable current children’s favourites include the Angry Birds, that also has a very popular mobile game, and the PJ Masks: Gekko, Catboy and Owlette.

The lovable dancing comedic quirks of Bluey and his family- totally appeals to everyone too. 


Sesame Street rock set

My all time favourite collection of characters are the Sesame Street rock set! There’s a huggable furry friend for everyone. 

Favourite t-shirt rock

Children’s clothing often has the cutest little images that are quick and easy to turn into a rock design. Invite them to copy the design of their favourite t-shirt into a rock!


The key to finding an image that’s easy to complete a beginning outline is getting a “colouring in” copy, this provides you with a blank black and white picture -without the background noise of colour. 

Once you have an outline all you need to do is fill it in with some Life of Colour! I’ve kept the background of the rocks bare but you might like to fill them in with a contrasting colour to give your rock a personalised touch!!

Finding images of characters on the internet is easy - just type in the name and BAM! 

Focusing on the easy tutorial for “Bluey” you’ll notice a paint pen outline in white taking shape in the first steps.

Educational rock painting ideas for kids

Turn your favourite books into story stones

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