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5 Watercolour artists to learn from on Instagram

With visual-centric social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram around, it has become very easy to follow talented artists, to learn from their craft, and to draw inspiration from seeing their work and watching how they produce their incredible works of art.

I personally have become an Instagram addict and I am in total awe of these artist who create such beauty. They have inspired me to start playing around with watercolour art myself. I have chosen to use the Life of Colour Brush Pens simply because they are perfect for beginners like me.

There is no set-up, they are mess-free, handy and portable, and have every colour you could ever need to create beautiful artworks. a beginner, I need to learn from the best.I have chosen 5 different watercolor artists who have active Instagram accounts, each with their own style, to draw ideas from.

@ashleyprejolesart Ashley is a watercolor artist focussing on landscapes, wildlife and abstracts. Her Instagram is filled with time-lapse videos showing you how she has created her work, step by step. Her butterfly with beach scene is my favourite, it is dreamy and breathtaking.



What stands out for me on Sarah’s page is her vibrant use of color. She paints these incredible layered galaxies and also has some time lapse videos showing her process. Her work is so varied, which is why I love her. She inspires ideas for lettering, pet paintings, florals and women’s hair! If you don’t know where to start, just browse through Sarah’s profile and let the ideas flow.



Louise is a classic watercolor painter and teacher. Flowers are her specialty, and her proteas and chrysanthemums are out of this world beautiful! Her profile is filled with videos, showing her techniques, how she layers the water on the page, painting over the water, and it is incredible to watch those colours spill and blend over the area. Not only is the art stunning, but each video has this really relaxing soundtrack that makes it incredibly therapeutic to watch.



What impresses me the most about Trupti is that she is a self-taught watercolor artist. When you look at her work on Instagram you will be amazed at how talented she is, and being self-taught, she is an inspiration for all the beginners out there. With a bit of talent and a lot of hard work, you too can achieve what Trupti has achieved!

Her standouts for me are her northern lights series. She manages to recreate that shimmery look that the northern lights have. Most of her work is on postcard size paper, which is a great idea for giving people your creations as cards or gifts.



Helen is my personal favourite artist and illustrator on instagram. She is not a pure watercolor artist, but uses watercolor as a medium for most of her work. The reason I chose her is because he style and characters are colourful, uplifting, and totally inspiring. I see them as doodles that start with one shape, and expand into this playground of characters and friends and colourful creations.

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