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Easter craft ideas you will love to make!

Easter is around the corner and we wanted to brign you fun and easy ideas to make for your home. You can achieve a quick Easter revamp for your space with these cute crafts.

Easter bouquet with watercolours

 Paint something adorable and Easter-themed using your watercolours and swap any old art you have in your home. Start with the Easter vibe early and get painting!

Easter themed watercolour painting

You will need mixed media paper and a black pen to outline your design. You can add some highlights using a white paint pen as well.

Get the materials for this Easter themed painting: watercolour pens and paper, black and white pens.

Make an Easter tote

Get ready for a fun Easter egg hunt with a matching tote. You can purchase supplies to paint your own Easter tote in our shop, choose paint pens or fabric pens and get the tote too!.

The Special Colours are the perfect Easther-themed pastel colour palette. Get the 3mm or 1mm pack on their own, or in a discounted bundle. The soft pastel colours will be a dream to work with, making all your Easter decorations fantastic.

Design by Bronwyn Giblin

Tote by Kindling Creative @kindlingcreative

Paint Easter wooden figures, signs and peg dolls

You can use your paint pens or any acrylic paint to decorate Easter themed wooden figures, like a cute bunny, eggs or the word "Easter".

Art by: Bronwyn Giblin

Shabby chic Easter bunny with basket wooden figure

Distressed jumping Easter Bunny with flowers wooden figure

Easter bunnies wooden peg dolls by Barbara Hammer

Easter bunnies wooden peg dolls by Barbara Hammer

Create an Easter corner or vignette

Make an assorted collection of Easter inspired rocks and set them up on a nice vignette as part of your home decor. Baby chicks, bunnies, baskets, carrots and eggs are all good ideas!

Art by: Samantha Dorahy

Easter rabbit farmhouse vignette by A Wonderful Thought

Easter rabbit farmhouse vignette by A Wonderful Thought 

Easter baby chick vignette by House of Hawthornes

Easter baby chick vignette by House of Hawthornes

Organise an egg hunt

Make a fun egg hunt collection by painting adorable bunnies collecting Easter eggs on rocks and hiding them around the house and the yard!

Shop paint pens for rock painting with Free Shipping in Australia (and just $6 to New Zealand)

Art by: Casey Smith
Easter Egg hunt rock painting ideas
Bel King Easter bunny rocks for an Easter egg hunt
Flowers and easter rock designs
Rock designs by Kala Chand


Turn your favourite chocolate into a painted rock

Give a little love to your favourite chocolate eggs by painting a copy of their packaging on rocks!

You can use Samantha Dorahy's idea and paint Cadbury creme eggs, M&M eggs and the all time favourite Kinder Surprise...

Get the most colourful paint pens and start creating your own chocolate rocks!


Art by: Samantha Dorahy

Paint an Easter Tic-Tac-Toe game

Take out your paint pens and make a fun game to play with the kids this Easter. Read all about the process in our blog post.

Make a cute wooden bunny for your garden or table

Use wood slices to form a bunny, you can then add ears and details using smaller pieces of wood, felt or craft paper.

Add the face and colourful details using paint pens - and don't forget to create a bow tie using the twine that comes in your wood slices set

Project by Bitterroot DIY

Idea by Mom Unleashed

Josef Pack


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