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What is washi tape? 6 ideas how to use washi tape

Washi tape is a multipurpose type of masking tape you can use in your journals, artworks, cards and more. It’s the perfect material to decorate your paper, make borders or use directly as masking tape.

Our Doodle Washi Tape is a set of 10 custom-designed rolls of multipurpose tape that is a wonderful addition to any craft box and a perfect way to add a special touch to all of your art projects.

Washi tape has hundreds of uses for art, craft and home DIY projects. Never buy another card after you buy our doodle washi tape. Add borders, shapes and patterns to any boring paper and create some magic!

We created a fantastic set that includes 10 unique rolls of washi tape: plants, hearts, koalas, art supplies, rainbows, sun, night sky, sweets, artsy reminders and the Life of Colour logo to welcome you into our family!

A quick search for "washi inspiration" on Pinterest and you'll figure out what the hype is about - Washi tape has become very popular, its low tack adhesive makes it perfect for working with paper as it allows you to reposition it easily.

This versatile tape is made out of very thin rice paper, making it very easy to tear with your own hand and create beautiful effects in your journals.

Why is washi tape so popular?

Washi tape has taken the market by storm because there are so many washi tape patterns and lovely colours that every person can find washi tape according to their taste.

What is so special about washi tape? Everyone can find their favourite design, and use it across different mediums and applications. From the more traditional Japanese washi tape designs, to cute and adorable characters, botanical washi, vintage washi, floral designs, food and more! 

We chose to create a doodle set containing 10 rolls of washi containing adorable and whimsical doodles to bring colourful inspiration into your art making process.

How to use washi tape in your planner

There are many planner and bujo washi uses, some people use the washi as an accessory, holding other scraps of paper, while others use the washi to create sections and lines to write on.

In this colourful planner layout, the sweets and plants washi from our doodle washi set were used to outline the days of the week (combined with pink and green respectively to tie it all together).

You need to find inspiration on a style of planner you like and try to mimic the washi tape use first. Eventually you’ll figure out what works best for you and your planner style.

Washi tape is a staple for bullet journal and no bujo kit is complete without a set of washi!

Use washi in your daily planner bujo bullet journal -

Use washi in your daily planner -
Create a fun weekly layout - Life of Colour
Vintage washi tape journal spread - @thats_pia
Vintage washi tape journal spread - @thats_pia

Washi tape for journaling

If you like to do art or junk journals, then washi can be your ally, being used as painter's tape or masking tape for clean edges on your paper.

You can also integrate it into your layouts by creating patterns and texture using your washi.

Use washi tape to create backgrounds on your art journal - Lisa Oxley

Use washi tape to create backgrounds on your art journal - Lisa Oxley

Washi tape for gift wrapping

Adding a splash of colour to your gift wrapping can be a great detail. It’s also very important to know, since washi can be repositioned, people often save the little bits of washi and reuse it on their journals or for other gifts (it is a great improvement from cello tape).

Use craft paper and one of our doodle washi to create a fun and quick pattern - add details with a nice bow, and voila!

DIY washi tape gift wrapping -

DIY washi tape gift wrapping -


Create a criss-cross of washi tape over the top of a gift box for a nice personalised touch. In this cute star-themed box, we added our night doodles washi tape to keep the stars and moon theme.

Washi tape for painting

Have you ever watched those satisfying masking tape peeling videos on Instagram? Did you notice most of them use washi tape? Painter's tape can be harsh on paper, so a lot of artists began experimenting with washi tape to get clean edges on their pieces.

Specially, washi tape for watercolour artists is the key to clean edges. This kind of tape is a lot less harsh on the paper surface, preventing paper tearing.

Learn more about the differences between washi tape, masking tape and painter's tape.

Washi tape for walls

This was a use that we were both surprised and amazed by! Of course, you can use washi tape to hang pictures on your wall or bedroom door, but how about making a nice design on a wall using washi tape? That’s new!

Hang a stellar themed art print using our night sky washi tape, or a cutesy teacup art print with the sweets doodle washi tape - the perfect doodles for your artwork.

Use washi tape to hang art on your walls -

Use washi tape to hang art on your walls -

Create a polaroid wall using washi tape frames -

Create a polaroid wall using washi tape frames -

Washi tape for envelopes

Treating every envelope that leaves your house as a planner spread is a form of art that has taken off lately, bringing a whole new level to envelope design and customization.

Use washi tape to decorate envelopes -

Use washi tape to decorate envelopes -

You can of course use washi tape to seal envelopes, but also to embellish them and turn them into a work of art! Not only washi can be used, but various forms of stencils and stamps to create a special look for the envelopes.Use watercolour for an extra pop of colour and flair!

Create your own washi tape patterns combining washi tapes -

Create your own washi tape patterns combining washi tapes -

Lovely mixed media envelope washi ideas -

Lovely mixed media envelope washi ideas - Cindy Gilfillan

We hope we inspired you to think new and exciting uses for your washi tape. Craft your colourful heart out with Life of Colour 10-packDoodle Washi Tape

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Sally Lawyer

Sally Lawyer

April 22, 2022

What tool is used for cutting details out of tape

Samantha Jackson

Samantha Jackson

April 02, 2022

This was exactly what I was looking for! And the pictures were so helpful too, thank you!

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