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Crafty Halloween Creations

Crafty Halloween Creations with Life of Colour

For Halloween this year we have decided to explore some different ways that we can reuse, upcycle and recreate the old into something new.
We will use our Life of Colour art supplies to add wonderful colour and whacky details to our Halloween craft. So, if you are looking for a cheap course of action this year- follow along and find an activity that suits you!!

Batty Madness

We decided to put a spin on the boring old black bat and we have given life to a host of colourful Batty madness. They peer at you with kooky eyes and think about biting you with a set of ferocious Vampire teeth but somehow, they also manage to be the cutest bats ever created.


Recycled Cardboard rolls
Scissors, sticky tape and lead pencil
1.Fold the top centre edges of the cardboard roll into the middle to create the shape of two pointy ears.
2.Sketch two wings that are joined in the middle onto the mixed media paper and then cut them out.
3. Paint each bat in a different colour and give them whacky ill-shaped eyes, eyebrows and a vampire mouth. Be as creative as you can here to make sure that your bats are Batty!
4.Take your black silky stix and gently roll it across the Mixed Media Paper so that the texture of the paper shows.
5. Constructing the bats is so simple, just tape the wings onto the back of the cardboard roll and you will have a set of Batty Madness in next to no time at all.
6. Pin the bats onto a preloved hanging garland that is ready to hang in a flash.

Witchy Taxidermic Plaque

Everyone loves a good Witch spell and we have created the perfect way to put one on display!
You can use a large slice of wood or rescue a piece of cardboard from the recycling to make the plaque, then all that is left to do is sneak a couple of plastic bugs and critters from the kids toy tub and you are ready to get started.


Large Wood slice or Cardboard
Mixed Media paperor scrap paper
Small bugs, critters and a feather
PVA craft glue, hot glue gun or superglue


1. Paint your plaque using a purple and bronze Life of Colour Metallic Brush pens. You can choose different colours from the set just be sure that they are in contrast to the Chrome paint pens.
2. Use the Chrome paint markers to make the bugs, critters and feather a beautiful sheen of gold. If you have a large feather, you can cut it into a smaller shape before painting.
3. Write down all of your items for your spell ingredients onto a piece of paper with a border around the edge and arrange everything onto the plaque. Use the plaque to change your home decor or place it somewhere special for Halloween.

DIY Trick or Treat Bag

Whether you are going Trick or Treating this year or you would like to upcycle a library bag for a fun family activity then this craft is for you!!
We are always looking for something to do with our children to keep them off those screens and using their creative minds, all you need is a set of Life of Colour Fabric Pens and a calico bag for hours of entertainment.



1. Create a Halloween design onto a Canvas Tote Bag to colour in with the Fabric paint pens. Our design has a Candy Corn garland at the top, a ghost saying boo!! and a few splats of paint spread around for fun.
2. We thought it was fancy to use ombre shading and you can easily do it too. Just choose a light colour to begin with and then the next shade -where the two shades meet use the lighter pen to blend the two colours together.
3. For the final step we waited for the colours to dry and then used the Black Fabric pen to go around the edges for definition.

Spotty Monster Ball Toss

Don't throw away any of your cardboard boxes because we can use them to make fun filled Halloween games!
In just a few easy-to-follow steps we will show you how you can create a ball toss game together to allow the children to tune up their fine motor skills inside and gross motor skills outside. 


Recycled cardboard box
Scrap paper
Sticky tape
Small bean bag or ping pong ball


1. Sketch a Monster face onto the cardboard box making sure that it has a big mouth toward the bottom of the box and then cut out the mouth.
2.Make the Monster wild and wonderfully colourful using the Dual tip Brush pens. Add lots of dots all over your Monsters face using the Life of Colour Dot pens.
3.Use a scrap piece of paper to cut out some jagged teeth for the Monster and attach them on the inside of the box with sticky tape. Head outside together and play ball toss- encourage the children to practise their aiming skills with the ball landing into the mouth.

Hogwarts Necklace

The land of the Potters is always a Halloween favourite and we thought that a necklace painted with a Harry Potter theme would be a popular dress up item that you could even pullout for Book week next year too!


Wooden beads


1. Paint all of your wood slices Metallic purple.
2. Put a 9 and 3/4 symbol onto one wood slice, a Golden snitch onto the second wood slice a broom with "HP" and a lightning strike onto the third wood slice using a silver paint pen.
3. Highlight each of the designs with a blue and yellow Rainbow paint pen and add a colourful border to each wood slice.
4. Thread a piece of string onto the wood slices and add beads to complete the Hogwarts Necklaces.

Radioactive Zom-bees

There really is no better way to reuse your art supplies then to simply paint over the top of them and make it all over again! You would never be able to tell that there was once a cute little bunny on our canvas because we painted over the top of it with black. 


Glue stick


1.Sketch some bees and radioactive slime with drips onto a piece of paper.
2.Paint a mini canvas completely with a black 3mm paint pen.
3.Use the Silky Paint Stix to blend greens together for the radioactive slime and drips.
4. Paint the Zom-bees using the yellow, black and pink Classic Acrylic Paint pens.
5. Cut out the designs and arrange them onto your canvas, before pasting them into place use a light green Silky Stix to paint a green haze around the Zom-bees for the radioactive glow.
6. You can create lots of different images just like our pumpkin and leaf design using the same methods and repeat the re-painting process over and over again!

Witchypoo Potions Book

What's Halloween without a book to write down all of your Potions in?
Grab an old book and give it a makeover by painting it with your Life of Colour Acrylic paint pens and decorating it with a few nick knacks to look like a book that beholds the secrets of a "Witchypoo".


Old Book
Hot glue gun
Plastic snake and spider


1. Find an old book and scribe "potions" and a spiderweb on the bottom corner.
2. Glue a spider in the web and a snake onto the centre of the book.
3. Use a hot glue gun to go over the writing and the web to achieve a 3D look.
4. Paint everything black and then go over the hot glue details with the silver and gold paint pens to make everything shine.
5. Write spells and potions over the top of the written pages inside the book using the black paint marker.
Always remember that trash can be transformed to a treasure to behold in a few easy steps along with your Life of Colour Art supplies- the possibilities truly are endless. So what are you waiting for we ask- get started TODAY!!

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