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Welcome to Life of Colour

Thank you so much for purchasing our Art Experience Kits!

We hope that this is the start of a beautiful and rewarding journey of creating and colour. If you are already on your journey and this is just a little stop-over in our colourful village - welcome, we are so glad to have you with us.

Life of Colour is all about spreading colour, creativity and joy. We believe
that everyone is creative, and just need the right tools to easily tap into that creativity. That is why we have created top quality, portable and mess-free paint pens and surfaces so we can equip you with everything you need to live a creative life.

100 Ways to colour

Every person will have their own ideas on how to colour their boards. Some might want to do colours to match a certain space in their house, or some might want to create a fantasy landscape of colour and magic. If you prefer to follow along with our colours, you most certainly can, or perhaps they will just inspire you. Below, we have a 4 seasons option with a colour guide. Please follow along with those colours or these blues and greens over here are also a wonderful choice!

Box content and Tips

This box contains 4 Landscape Boards made out of Australian MDF and 24 Acrylic markers. You will see that paint markers are much easier, and more relaxing to work with than paint out of tubes, paintbrushes and jars of water!

The best part is, once the boards are complete you will be able to use
them on many other art projects on different surfaces. (At the
bottom of this page we will show you some of these ideas)

Each completed Landscape Board has been created using our acrylic markers. We have provided a colour-by-number type guide so you can end up with the same finished product. Simply find the pen that matches the colour on the guide. Alternatively, use the 24 colours to create your own masterpiece. The pens blend beautifully together so feel free to blend colours together to add more depth to your work.

  • Swatching the colours on paper before will help you find the colours easily.
  • Do a double layer of paint to make your colours more opaque.
  • Dark colours will cover lighter colours if you make a mistake.
  • Blending is possible, blend colours into each other using your finger when paint is wet.
  • You can add extra detail on top of your colours such as dots, stars etc if you desire.
  • Or simply follow along with our 4 guides below and have a blast!

Mosaic Boards

Using the Acrylic Markers pack

Flowers in Vases

Using the Florals Pack

Flowers in Vases

Using the Wildflowers Pack


Using the Essentials and Chrome Pack



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Let's make your gift shine!

Add one of our premium keepsake art boxes to your order. We will package it nicely with tissue paper and love!

  • Safely store your art and supplies
  • Take your art supplies on the go
  • Made of sturdy materials, with a magnetic closing

Large Art Box (Box Only)


- Perfect for teens and adults

- Fits up to A4-sized paper

- 32cm by 23.5cm, 10cm deep

Small Art Box (Box Only)


- Amazing for children

- Fits up to A5-sized paper

- 26cm by 22.6cm, 8cm deep