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Quick and Easy Watercolour Christmas Wreath Card

Tutorial by Tammy Klingner.

Draw your wreath design on your mixed media paper. Create a mix of leaves and berries to make it look more natural and dynamic. 

Add red to berrys. Use the two different tones for a more natural look and blend with your waterbrush.

To create leaves - add lighter green to middle part of leaf. Use your waterbrush to blend towards the tip of the leaf.

Then add deep green to the top of leaf to create shadow and depth and blend using your water brush.

Continue to build up shadows with your dark green watercolour brush pen to create depth.

Add tiny highlights with black and white paint pens

Use your imagination to add a nice sentiment or leave it blank! That's up to you!

Here's the final wreath, ready to be gifted to a loved one on the Holidays (or decorate a corner of your home with Christmas flair).

In the mood for more watercolour Christmas fun?

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