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Handmade card for Mother's day with a secret message just for mum!

 This colourful handmade card was made by Stacey Montford, and it will inspire you to create your own wonderful card with a secret message for your mum!

Gather your materials to make this fantastic card, and let's get started! You will need:

  • Life of Colour Watercolour brush pens, get them here - they come with a handy water brush you will use again and again
  • Black 3mm and 1mm Life of Colour paint pen
  • Mixed media paper (get our A4 mixed media paper pad here - the size of the sheet is perfect because you can fold it in half to make a lovely sized card)
  • Life of Colour stencils
  • Scissors 
  • Glue
  • Ruler and lead pencil

To prepare for this card, you will need to fold the paper in half, that way mum can open her card to reveal a surprise. We will show you how to make a design in the front, and inside too!

Step one- Draw a window arch onto the centre front of the card and complete the edges with a black paint pen.

Step two- Carefully cut out each of the windows leaving the top or one side uncut to create a lift-flap.

Step three- Cut 3 rectangles of paper, one for each window row, and place them on the inside of your card (no glue yet!). Align them with your flaps and trace the shape using your pencil. 

Step four- Take out the pieces of paper and write a message for mum that can be read by lifting the flaps from the outside as well as from the inside when mum opens her card.

Step five- Go over the letters using a black paint pen (we recommend 1mm) and spread the love all over the inside of the card by colouring and adding even more Mother's day special messages! You can use any colours and motifs you want, here are some ideas:

If the kids want to help paint pictures and write messages onto small pieces of paper that could be pasted down into each window, we think your Mum would be super ecstatic. There’s so many ways that this card could be custom made to suit all of our Mothers!

Step six- Grab your stencils and watercolour brush pens to add colour onto the lift-flaps and around the outside of the window arch. Choose any pattern and have fun adding colour, you can choose rainbow just like we did or pick a colour palette using mum's favourites!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Special Mums out there, love from the Life of Colour team! We can't wait to see all the happy faces of creative mums receiving her new colourful goodies and handmade cards

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