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5 creative DIY projects using Life of Colour Fabric Pens

The exciting moment has arrived with the Life Of Colour fabric pens that are now available to purchase!

The set comes with 20 vibrant coloured permanent fabric pens that have a fine point for ease and perfect finesse of use. They consist of a permanent ink, that is machine washable at 30c and allows usage on a variety of material surfaces including shoes, totes, shirts, hessian flags and more!

Get this fantastic 20-colour Fabric Pens set in our shop, with free shipping on orders over $40 Australia wide, we ship to New Zealand too ($6 flat).

Paint an earthy burlap bunting flag

We have used the new Life of Colour Fabric pens to create a Steiner inspired earthy bunting flag which I think has turned out so effective and was really easy to achieve.

A theme within the framework of Steiner was chosen to provide a learning resource about the earthly elements of herbs. We gathered the three green Fabric pens to start off our bunting and mixed the three as we added colours across each flag. The darkest green was used on the tips as a starting point then the other green were added alternatively blending all together as we progressed across the surface.

An assortment of herb images were chosen to place on the centre of each flag including- rosemary, sage, fennel, thyme, chives, basil and garlic. Now the flag is ready for displaying!

Draw a fun Neon Giraffe on a t-shirt

This fantastically coloured Giraffe was completed with our new Life of Colour Fabric pens. No matter what colours are added to a Giraffe those spots and stand out characteristic features will always be recognisable, so why not go all out!

For this idea, I used a baby sleeping bag - they can often be plain and boring so why not add lots of colour and personality to them using a bit of imagination and Life of Colour fabric pens! You can add your custom touch to a plain t-shirt too!

We added some patches of floral material to the top area of the sleeping bag as the fabric had become thin and worn.

Step one: Choose the design you would like to have on your material, if you are stuck for ideas have a look on the internet where a wealth of images can be found. Place a sheet of cardboard in between layers to avoid ink going through then get started! Sketch an outline of the image to create a starting point.

Step two: Go crazy with colour and blend, blend, blend! Dark blue and green Life of Colour Fabric markers replace the usual black mane of the Giraffe. The effect of the colours together works extremely well as they sit next to each other on the colour wheel- it’s always a sure thing to use a colour wheel as reference to colour combinations that pair well.

Step three: Start the rainbow journey from bright blue and green around the edges with a mixture of yellows blended together in the centre and around the giraffe spots.

Step three: The spectacular colourful pink spots add flair to our Giraffe, achieved with a blend of the pink Fabric pens!
I think we will invest in a UV night light to get that Funky Giraffe glowing!

Party Favours with a personal touch

Birthday parties always come with so much landfill, why not create your own party bags that can be taken home and used for years to come!

Our party favour bags have been given a personalised touch using a combination of Life of Colour Fabric pens day the new set of stencils that feature Aussie animals, dinosaurs, fairies, travel, cupcakes, patterns and more! and were created by some of the resident Life of Colour artists.

It’s so easy to make each bag to the individual needs of your party or to the interest of the children, you could put their names onto the bags for added effect too!

Easy seamless pattern stencils for fabric

The benefit of using stencils is that you can achieve consistent patterns easily and the Fabric pens have the perfect nib size for fitting neatly into the stencil spaces!

This jellyfish hanging mobile has been on the creative sideboard for some time now with an uncertainty of how to be completed. We knew that we wanted to add material tentacles to the Life of Colour Fluro and watercolour domes but weren’t sure how to achieve cool looking, consistent patterned dangly bits! Then along came the new stencils and our dilemma was easily solved.

How to make a jellyfish mobile

Step one: Cut paper into 5 equal circles with cuts around the edges. Wet paper and set onto a dome shaped bowl, once dry add colour with Life of Colour Fluro pens and watercolour brush pens. To set the paper domes into shape coat the underside with glue.

Step two: Using the Life of Colour stencils and Fabric pens place patterns onto the strips of material. Have fun with it and combine lots of colours and patterns together! We particularly liked the honeycomb stencil shape filled in with blue and green.

Step three: Cut the patterned material into thin strips and glue onto the underside of the domes ensuring to face the right side of the fabric out!

Step four: Make a small incision into the centre of the each dome and attach a piece of string which is then attached to the dowel or wood to complete the jellyfish hanging mobile.

Add colour your old and dingy pillows!

Matching decor and turning old into new with Life of Colour Fabric pens
Do you have a lounge covered in old tired pillows that you keep thinking you should replace? There’s no need to spend lots of money when you could redecorate the material with your Life of Colour fabric pens

Here’s our boring grey pillow before we started and the after shows the finished product that not only looks effective but it actually matches the rest of the decor in the room because we were able to do perfect colour matching!

New products are so much fun with Life of Colour and we are constantly adding something to suit the purposes of the many needs of our customers.

Join the Life of Colour art group on Facebook and show us your Fabric pen creations and get inspiration from others on our site. The range of Life of Colour paint pens and stencils are easily available in Australia and New Zealand to satisfy all of your artistic needs! Make Afterpay your method of payment to make these affordable products part of your life today!

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